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Introducing Modern Physics Topics in High School


•&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160; Prof. Marco Giliberti University of Milan, Italy,

&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160; Dr. Jeff Wiener, CERN Teacher Programmes Manager, Switzerland,

•&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160; Mr. Dave Fish and Ms. Olga Michalopoulos, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada,

•&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160;&%23160; Four Physics teachers&%2358; Ms. Chiara Maugeri from Italy, Ms. Afnan Alostaz from International Particle Physics Outreach Group, Switcherland, Mr. Alberto Roldan-Fuentes and Mr. Jose Maria Diaz Fuentes from Spain.

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