We strongly advise our students to attend summer programs abroad. This gives them a glimpse of the “real world” as it provides them with a more global perspective and cross-cultural experience but also prepares them for university studies.

By attending summer programs abroad, our students get to develop self-confidence, mature, become more independent, get out of their comfort zone, and easily adapt to new circumstances. Additionally, they are exposed to different styles of education, enhancing their school experiences beyond the classroom, through various athletic and cultural activities, and acquire important skills.

Aside from the strictly academic program, summer schools abroad allow students to be introduced to new places, new customs, and traditions, interact with children of their age from different countries, make new friends and understand other people and civilizations.

Through this overall experience, students get to discover themselves and identify their strengths and weaknesses. This will help them in the crucial decisions they will have to make in the future regarding their studies and career path.

Follow the relevant links to find information on specific summer programs in the US and the UK.