Class reunions



Reunions help reinvigorate bonds, reminisce and reignite the love for the College but also bring alumni/ae closer to the School’s everyday functions, needs and special events and urge them to be active members of a greater community. They are also a perfect occasion to update your class’ contact list, learn about your classmates' personal and professional paths, their accomplishments and what they are doing and to engage classmates through event organization.

It goes without saying that reunions also provide a great fundraising opportunity, which can be symbolic or significant, depending on the goal set and the level of participation. It is standard practice to set an entrance fee for all to cover for organizational costs and give the surplus to the College, increasing class participation while urging classmates to give more individually, sometimes on the spot.

It is also standard practice for most reunions to be “classmates only” to provide the platform and ambiance that will allow them to catch up and engage with each other undistracted.

Moreover, usually, the organizing team to prepare a commemorative gift for the class (sometimes in collaboration with the Development Office).