Greek Language Department

We want our students to learn to communicate clearly in their mother tongue – both in writing and verbally – and to love literature.  With courses in Ancient and Modern Greek, as well as world literature texts, students acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to connect the old world with modern reality.

Through methodical exercises, students gain practice on creative reading, interpretation and critique of texts, as well as self-awareness and the broadening of their personal experience.  The study of selected ancient Greek literary texts, both original and translated, helps them to recognize the intellectual achievements of the ancient Greek culture.  They become familiar with the use of the library and cultivate other skills that will be practical throughout their lifetime.

The Greek Language Department adheres to the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education whilst promoting exploratory learning as outlined in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP).  We differentiate teaching methodology to meet the needs of each student.  We integrate technology into lessons and enrich content with various activities and events, supportive learning materials and eQuizzes.

Students participate in in-house oratory competitions, interpretive reading and ancient Greek competitions, as well as Panhellenic literary conferences.


Athens College

Head of Department: George Karabatis

Ancient Greek Coordinator: Aggeliki Davarinou

Modern Greek Coordinator: Irini Bassia


Psychico College

Head of Department: Vassileios Vouvonikos

Ancient Greek Coordinator: Maria Konstantatou

Modern Greek Coordinator: Anastasia Gialeli



Modern Greek Coordinator: Eleni Hatzitheodorou