Mathematics Department

Our aim is to familiarize Junior High School and High School students with the mathematical language and to recognize the role of Mathematics and mathematical thinking in various areas of knowledge. Through Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability lessons, they learn to organize their thinking. They cultivate skills such as rational and analytical thinking, observation, creativity and at the same time acquire a sense of symmetry and beauty.

We follow student-centered teaching methods with innovative programs within the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate for inquiry-based learning, so that classrooms are laboratories of creativity and learning.

We integrate technology into the course and offer supporting teaching materials, eQuizzes and e-tutoring.

Through Clubs and other educational programs, we give our students the opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge in Mathematics and to prepare for national and international competitions.


Athens College

Head of Department Junior High - High School: Alexandros Manaridis

Coordinator: Epaminondas Zafiris

Coordinator of Elementary School: Panagiotis Karatzanos


Psychico College

Head of Department Junior High - High School: Dimitrios Lelovitis

Coordinator: Despoina-Ino Pagoni

Coordinator of Elementary School: Georgios Papadimitriou



Subject Course Coordinator (Mathematics): Panagiotis Economopoulos