The Athens College Scholarship Program was established at the time of the School’s founding.  It is a distinct feature of the College’s character and its socio-pedagogical philosophy, whose objective is to support the diverse socio-economic composition of its student population.

Thanks to the Program, each year hundreds of students whose families have limited financial means or who face serious financial hardships receive assistance to attend the College, so that – as Stephanos Delta emphasized – the education provided by our School is not a “privilege of the affluent.”

Founders and first contributors of the Program were Stephanos and Penelope Delta, while Homer Davis, College President for over 30 years, spearheaded its design and operation.

The Hellenic-American Educational Foundation, along with individual donors, members of the College community, foundations, companies, and alumni, fund the Scholarship Program.  Especially noteworthy are the activities initiated by alumni, parent and past parent volunteers (Alumni Fund Drive, Parents Fund Drive, Past Parents Fund Drive), as well as the Student Communities of each of the school units, which raise awareness and support of the Program.

Scholarships at a glance