Students participate at the Annual Fund

Our students traditionally participate in the Annual Fund through various activities, supporting our School's Scholarship Program for the provision of Financial Aid to classmates and their families, when needed. These activities are part of a set of social actions that they carry out every year.

You may find here below such activities of Student Communities and/or (groups of) students per School level and unit:

Annual Fund

Annual Fund Student Initiatives
The student group "It's happening" of the Athens Primary College is raising money for the creation of a borehole in the village of Ekoso in the Kwahu region of mountainous Ghana. The village has 2000 inhabitants and a school. However, the only existing borehole has been destroyed, leaving the villagers without access to clean water.
Annual Fund Student Initiatives
In November 2022, the team entered the second phase of the Greek sub-competition, CanSat in Greece 2023, organized by SPIN-Space Innovation.  The winner of the Greek competition will qualify for the final phase of the European competition. The launch of CanSats in Greece (at 1000 meters high above sea level) is expected to take place on April, 2023. 
Annual Fund Student Initiatives

The Athens College Junior High School EASC (Exoplanet Atmospheric Survey CanSat) student team participated in the Panhellenic CanSat in Greece Space Competition organized in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the World CanSat & Rocketry Competition (WCRC). The team built a small satellite, the size of a soda can with the mission to develop sustainable methods for exploring exoplanets while supporting our School's Scholarship Program.