Your gift. Your choice.

Support what you care most deeply about while meeting the College’s strategic priorities and urgent needs. While gifts of every size are welcome, there are specific opportunities for special gifts that enable you to increase the impact of your support on the College’s initiatives.

Every gift counts. Every gift matters. Collective participation is our strength.

Below you may find descriptions of some of these funds and why they are important. Then designate your gift accordingly. Special naming opportunities are available to honor an individual or the donor’s family, memorialize loved ones, or carry the name of a foundation or company.

Giving opportunities

The Annual Fund is an ongoing fundraising effort to secure funds in support of the School’s Financial Aid Program, an intrinsic part of the vision and mission of Athens College since its founding. Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted and they make an immediate difference in the lives of students and faculty, contribute to greater student body diversity and foster equal access to education. See more here.

We believe scholarship support enriches the experience of every student. Supporting scholars brings different voices to our classrooms and labs, playing fields, athletic facilities, libraries and dining halls. This makes the College a place for unexpected questions, diverse perspectives, and deeper discussions, and it enables talented young people to prepare for productive careers, lives of meaning and purpose, and global citizenship.

Through a gift to our Support a Scholar initiative, your giving has an immediate effect. It will not only transform the lives of exceptionally promising children, but help all our students to become more empathetic citizens of the world. 

Here are some ways you may designate your gift to Support a scholar:

Financial aid: The College’s Financial Aid Program is supported by the Annual Fund. Annual giving has been especially important during these years of economic recession and is increasingly important during times of uncertainty, like the current, enabling the College to guarantee financial aid for students who qualify. See more here

Summer study abroad: Summer Study Abroad Scholarships offer students an opportunity to study briefly in a foreign country, to get to know new places, new customs and traditions, to interact with similarly-aged children from different countries and make new friends, gaining a more global perspective and cross-cultural understanding. See more here.

Merit awards: To honor and strengthen the longstanding tradition of recognizing and encouraging students’ superior academic achievement midway through their studies, in 2018 Athens College established Merit Awards, adding to the related historic student distinctions already in place. Merit Awards are given to students in Grade 9 (3rd Gymnasium) and Grade 11 (B’ Lykeion) performing at the very top of their class based on their cumulative grades of the past two years, as well their overall ethos and conduct. See more here

Athens College runs a number of programs that require significant investment. Donors can provide special annual support to one of these programs or partially fund one. Alternatively, donors can endow one of the programs.

Student Excellence Beyond the Curriculum: The College inspires students to discover their talents and abilities, and enriches their lives beyond the classroom. This requires ongoing investment in areas not covered by the annual budget, such as equipment, resource materials and more. You can invest in your passion by designating your gift for an area such as Arts, Athletics, STEAM, or other special area of interest. See more here.

Inspired Teaching & Faculty Professional Development: Talented faculty are at the heart of Athens College. Our goal is to attract, retain and develop inspiring teachers who will help students grow academically, socially, and personally. This requires significant investment to ensure that the College is adapting to rapidly evolving best practices. See more here

Fulbright Fellows: Through this flagship educational exchange Fulbright Fellowship program, recently graduated U.S. scholars work closely with Athens College students across all age levels as mentors, coaches, role models and advisors. Through their close interactions with students and faculty, they help strengthen the College’s ties with the U.S., and often have a profound effect on individual students. The College stays in touch with hundreds of its alumni Fellows who have gone on to become advocates of the College in leadership positions around the globe. See more here.

The College libraries are a unique asset. They are at the heart of the College’s focus on project-based learning. They are exciting centers where students of every age learn to research and apply critical thinking skills to develop original work, and come to their own conclusions about the world.

The collection of the School’s main library alone consists of approximately 70,000 volumes in Greek and English, as well as 200 current titles of printed and electronic journals, magazines, newspapers and databases, which are available to approximately 500 visitors per day.

Your support helps cover needs that make a good library a great one.

Those needs include information technology, electronic subscriptions, books, and more.

To learn more about how you may support more significant equipment or renovation needs for our Libraries, you may contact the Development Office at +30 210 6798217 or email [email protected].

Athens College has exceptional facilities, mainly funded by major benefactors, individual donors, foundations and other organizations. Two great campuses spanning 333,000 square meters include the historic campus in Psychico and the contemporary campus in Kantza, both designed to harmoniously balance the landscape and iconic buildings of increased architectural value.

Supporting a capital project helps open new frontiers for learning.

Capital projects provide a healthy, nurturing and sustainable environment needed to inspire, revitalize and encourage students to perform beyond their known potential, as well as be creative and mindful. Our priorities lie in recognizing the value of our resources, making full use of the existing facilities on both campuses, identifying those opportunities that are both consistent with the School’s mission, and possessing the capacity to generate resources for core operations of the College.

Although there are no plans to introduce new buildings in the immediate future -- other than possibly a Multi Purpose Room for our Pre-K & K and an Arts Hub and Student Center -- maintenance, renovation, technological upgrading, new equipment, and repurposing of existing buildings require significant investment. Capital funding may support those short-term and long-term needs.

Immediate priorities include the renovation of AC Junior High School (Gymnasium) buildings, the revamping of Athletic facilities and the renovation of the Bodossakis Elementary School on the Kantza campus.

To learn more or to discuss making capital gifts that match your interests with the needs of the College, you may contact the Development Office correctly at +30 210 6798217-218 or email [email protected].

Maintaining the qualities that define Athens College and distinguish it as a premier K-12 institution, and keeping it strong for the future, require substantial resources.

Endowed funds are investments in our School, our community, and our future that allow them to thrive. They are like savings accounts where the principal is not touched but the fund grows and spins off more and more income as years pass. Their earnings provide a permanent source of income for the School. And, while the Annual Fund helps us live; endowed funds help us grow. They can be unrestricted or designated by the donor for use in support of specific programs, initiatives, or building/renovation projects.

Endowed funds are vital to ensuring that the College will continue to fulfill its mission, and service for generations to come.

Currently, all endowed funds in the U.S. are invested and administered by the Athens College Board of Trustees, US Finance Committee. The Trustees of Athens College in Greece is a U.S. nonprofit organization described in section 170(c)(2) and 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

For information or to discuss making endowment gifts you may contact the Development Office correctly at +30 210 6798217-218 or email [email protected].