Thank you for volunteering!



Our class agents, members of the Alumni Fund Drive (AFD), play such an important role in nurturing the College’s strong alumni community. Every time you reach out to your classmates, you remind them that they are and will always be part of Athens College. Your efforts are essential for us to have an active, engaged alumni community and enthusiastic alumni support.

The College is thankful to you for generously offering your time, treasure, talents and resources in support of the College’s Annual Fund. The effects of your work are evident. Many of your classmates support their alma mater: they give to the Annual Fund or support other causes that matter to them the most and, as we move towards our centennial in 2025, are also increasingly attending School events, providing constructive feedback and proposing, initiating or participating in the design of centennial activities.

The text that follows is subject to copyright and third parties are prohibited from reproducing, displaying online or in any way using all or part of it for other than personal use in the frame of their role and work as Class Agents.