Natural Sciences Department

Courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Natural Resources Management help our students acquire the knowledge and expertise they need to understand the world around them.  They develop critical thinking and observation skills; they learn to perform scientific and laboratory research, as well as to work in teams.


The Natural Sciences Department adheres to the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education, within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP).  Additional teaching hours are allocated to the sciences for an in-depth study and understanding of the subject matter.


Our specialized teachers partner to coordinate and better organize courses. They use multiple teaching methods that tailor to the individual needs of students.  Lessons take place in modern, fully equipped laboratories.


  • We provide learning resource materials, eQuizzes and e-tutoring
  • We implement innovative educational programs, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) 
  • We make use of technology, including the use of interactive whiteboards, computers, and more 
  • We organize lectures, presentations, and events
  • Through clubs and other extracurricular programs, we enable our students to engage with the subject that interests them and to prepare for national and international competitions


Athens College

Head of Department Junior High - High School: Kostas Arvanitis

Coordinator: Sotiria Nikolaidou


Psychico College

Head of Department Junior High - High School: Marios Galeros

Coordinator: Giorgos Diplaris



Subject Course Coordinator (Sciences): Panagiotis Kalpaxis