History and Social Sciences Department

Through courses in History and Social Sciences, we want our students to acquire the knowledge and skills required to meet the demands of contemporary society. We provide them with appropriate tools to help them formulate a personal, but critically grounded, view of life, to decide on the role they want to play in society, as well as to develop historical thinking and historical consciousness.

Innovative programs, clubs, career days, field trips and participation in conferences, such as Speak Truth to Power, Youth Parliament, Model United Nations, UNESCO and Young Entrepreneurs, open up the world to our students.  They approach history, economics, and social studies through experiential learning and have an opportunity to apply the knowledge they acquire to understand the relationship between past and present.

The Junior High and High School History and Social Sciences Department offers the following courses: Religion, History, Socio-Political Studies, Home Economics, Principles of Economic Theory, Basic Principles of Social Sciences, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Education, Greek and European Civilization, Modern World Citizenship, and Democracy.

Apart from the Ministry of Education syllabus, students work on projects using the wealth of printed and electronic resources available in our school library.

Our specialized faculty members implement a cross-curricular teaching approach.

They collaborate to design appropriate educational programs aimed at developing students’ skills so that they can cope with all subject matter.

They practice modern teaching methods, adhering to the Ministry curriculum within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP).

They enrich lessons with a variety of activities, supportive learning materials, and eQuizzes.

They make extensive use of technology, using digital material, maps, multimedia, audiovisual material and more.

They organize oratory competitions, presentations, field trips, travels, and other events.


Athens College

Head of Department Junior High - High School: Lamprini Zisi

Coordinator: Nikistratos Palantzas


Psychico College

Head of Department Junior High - High School: Anastasia Gialeli

Coordinator: Iordanis Papadopoulos



Subject Group Coordinator (Individuals and Societies): Konstantinos Polychroniadis