Why alumni giving important



Our alumni are:

  • Ambassadors of the School to the world. Their participation and contribution are key to enhancing the culture of Philanthropy towards education and the College. They are valuable partners in building our legacy and raising awareness of the impact philanthropy and donors have had historically for the institution as well as in the future.
  • Key supporters of the School. Alumni giving and participation is a standard indicator of the quality of an institution and the commitment of its alumni body. In fact, the alumni annual giving percent factors highly into ratings that potential parents and donors consider when investigating a school. While members of the Athens College community are among the most loyal, that enthusiasm is not always reflected in their financial support. Increasing the number of alumni who give remains a top priority for the College.
  • Setting the tone for other supporters to follow. Alumni giving reinforces support from other donors. Before asking others to join this effort, we must first demonstrate that those closest to the School are invested in it. Greater alumni participation goes a long way towards convincing foundations and other funders that the College is worthy of their help. After all, if those closest to the College don’t care, why should anyone else?
  • Intrinsic to the College’s 2025 Centennial. Fast approaching in 2025 is the College’s Centennial, our challenge is to keep Athens College the premier K-12 school in Greece. We are committed to sustaining balanced excellence at the College and ensuring the School’s distinctive education for future generations of students. This promise requires the renewal of our resources on all counts. This unparalleled opportunity that will not come soon again should include both a worldwide celebration of the College’s history and traditions and a well-organized Centennial Campaign.

We count on you  our community of alumni, parents and friends  to keep the Athens College tradition of giving alive. Each gift  of every size  gives the opportunity of an Athens College education to deserving students today, and ensures the College will sustainably flourish to serve tomorrow’s.