Kindergarten Programs

Basic Program

At our bilingual kindergarten, we implement the latest pedagogical trends, placing the student at the heart of the educational process. 

We attempt to provide a comprehensive, integrated and interdisciplinary approach to knowledge, perfectly in line with the everyday experiences of children, through a close look at transdisciplinary themes/units.

Children have an opportunity to make connections between different experiences, to observe and to experiment.  Each of their inquiries is tackled from different spheres of knowledge and through all areas of development (Language, Mathematics, Personal and Social Development / Physical Education, National Sciences, Technology, the Arts).

Extended Program

The objective of the Bilingual Extended Program is for students to discover their interests. Through a variety of art, sport and technology activities, students gain knowledge and skills while enhancing their aptitude in the English and Greek languages. At the same time, they develop collaborative and communicative capabilities as they are given an opportunity to meet and interact with students from other sections who have similar interests.

The Extended Program takes place daily from 13:15 to 13:55 in the Kindergarten facilities. It is followed by lunch in the Kindergarten’s dining halls.

Special Educational Programs

The Kindergarten curriculum is enriched with special programs in order to enhance students’ skills, values, attitudes and aesthetic cultivation to the greatest possible extent.