Why alumni give



There are many different reasons that make alumni decide to support their alma mater and a number of factors that weigh in this decision.

Essentially, alumni give to:     

  • Enhance the deeply rooted culture of philanthropy towards education and the College and advance the longstanding tradition of alumni giving.
  • Demonstrate pride in being the carriers of the institution’s 100-year legacy.
  • Make a difference and an extraordinary impact on their community and the world, as inspired by the College.
  • Show appreciation to the College for providing them with a life-changing experience, educating, empowering and inspiring them.
  • Express gratitude to the College for giving them lifelong friendships, networks and a better life for them and their families.
  • Lead by example, giving back and acting as ambassadors of the School and role models for current students and our community.
  • Help build up the reputation and increase the competitiveness of their alma mater, positively reflecting on their degree and investment.
  • Keep up the quality education, social responsibility, successes and exceptional facilities, opening up paths for outstanding achievement.
  • Help sustain balanced excellence at the College.
  • Ensure the School’s distinctive education for future generations of students, including their own children and grandchildren.
  • Support students and future alumni to follow their lead, evolve and stand out across sectors and countries, reaffirming the legacy of the College.
  • Help leverage support from other donors and funders acting as advocates.
  • Show affinity, enhance their sense of belonging and reaffirm the strong bonds among the vibrant Athens College alumni community.
  • Be a changemaker, support the mission and vision of the institution and be a driving force in reaching and exceeding its goals and expectations.
  • Support because they are asked! See more under Step three: Ask for support.

Every gift is an affirmative vote for your alma mater and yourself as an Ambassador of the College!

Five things we’ve learnt about our alumni at Athens College

  • Athens College alumni connections last a lifetime.
  • Athens College alumni stand out globally across industries.
  • Athens College has made a profound impact on the lives of many alumni.
  • Volunteers like you keep our alumni community engaged, vibrant and strong.
  • Volunteers like you serve the vision of the School founders, instilling the culture of philanthropy across the community.