German Language Department

From the organization of our own Oktoberfest and the German bistro at the Christmas Bazaar and Student Fair to exposure to German literature, music, and performances, as well as participation in Goethe Institut programs, our students come to know the German language and culture.

The aim of the German Language Department is to teach children to use both the written and spoken language so that they can communicate in a German-speaking environment.

German is taught as a second foreign language from Elementary through High School.  Through communication, collaborative teaching and widespread use of technology, our teachers encourage students to develop skills that will be useful in today’s linguistically diverse and mobile world.


Athens College

Elementary School Coordinator: Aspa Faraou

Junior High - High School Coordinator: Katia-Eugenia Alevizopoulou


Psychico College

Elementary School Coordinator: Konstantina Ntoulia

Junior High - High School Coordinator: Katia-Eugenia Alevizopoulou



Coordinator: Katia-Eugenia Alevizopoulou