The most extensive programme in Greece


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) is a two-year programme, recognized internationally as of the best course of studies to prepare students for admission to universities abroad. Its goal is to cultivate inquisitive, knowledgeable and caring individuals, interested and willing to help in creating a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.

We have been offering the IB DP at Athens College since 1996.  Organizationally, it falls under the umbrella of Psychico College High School. For more than 20 years, our students have achieved impressive results, gaining admission to some of the top universities in the world.

Our programme is one of the largest in Europe and offers a broad array of courses in the six IB subject groups, thus giving students more options to discover what they like.  Over the programme’s two years, students cultivate a range of skills and learn to research, analyze data, write academic essays, speak in public, effectively manage their time and workload, as well as lead and take an active role in the global community.  Having acquired these skills, students feel more prepared when they go abroad.

The programme not only aims to prepare students for academic success and admission to elite universities but also to cultivate independent, thinking individuals who care and strive to leave their mark on the world.  The School’s ongoing support, through additional teaching hours which grant students an opportunity to delve more deeply into the subject matter and comprehend more thoroughly, encourages them not only to meet the basic criteria required to earn an IB diploma but also to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the real world.

Along with the six subject groups and the DP core, comprising theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, service (CAS) and the extended essay, we provide students with all the necessary resources to become independent, thinking individuals who constantly learn and evolve, have empathy and will become responsible global citizens.

Things you should know about our School’s IB DP:

  • It is one of the most extensive IB programmes in Europe.
  • It offers the largest selection of IB subjects in Greece.
  • Our students’ average combined score is higher than the global average. In 2020, College students, on the average, were awarded 38,2/45 points compared to the global average of 29,9/45.
  • Our students have earned places in the best universities in Britain and the United States, including Ivy League schools.  In 2020, 67% of our students gained admission to the top 20 universities in the UK and 65% to the top 30 universities in the US, among them Ivy League schools.
  • Our teachers receive continuous training from the IB Organization.