Kindergarten Admissions

At Athens College, we accept parental online applications for their child’s admission into “John M. Carras” Kindergarten from the date of birth of the candidate up until the January of the year before they enter Pre-Kindergarten.

In accordance with School policy, to enroll in Pre-Kindergarten students must participate in a lottery process. Two separate lotteries are held: a General Lottery and an Alumni Lottery. Candidates who successfully gain admission will be evaluated by HAEF psychologists (as stated below).

To participate in the process, parents must deposit 60€ to a HAEF bank account, and must complete the application form they will receive by the Students Admissions Office.

Parents of children whose names are drawn are required to pay a lump sum of 350€, which is not offset by tuition fees and is non-refundable. Parents must submit their child’s necessary medical documents and developmental history and candidates must successfully pass the Pre-Kindergarten readiness test administered by a HAEF psychologist. Last, the daycare center or preschool that the candidate attends must also complete and submit the relevant form.

ΕΤΕ:100 / 480000-11
  ΙΒΑΝ  :  GR93 0110 1000 0000 1004 8000 011
  ΙΒΑΝ  :  GR29 0140 1100 1100 0200 2027 669
EUROBANK:0026. 0025. 48. 0200446696
  ΙΒΑΝ  :  GR10 0260 0250 0004 8020 0446 696
  ΙΒΑΝ  :  GR42 0172 0550 0050 5508 4789 396

A pre-requisite for registration is the successful completion of the admissions process outlined above, submission of the child’s immunization record and verification that the child is toilet (potty) trained.

Candidates who have siblings attending the College or are children of 4th generation College alumni do not participate in the lottery process: however, they must submit the application form on a timely basis and successfully complete the admissions process.

Group tours and info sessions about the Kindergarten program are scheduled on specific days and times during the course of the school year. 

For more information you can contact the Head of Kindergarten Admissions and Parent Communication Ms. Mata Bardi. (T: 210 6798214, 210 6798297, email: [email protected])