Who is a class agent

class agents


A class agent is a member of the Alumni Fund Drive, representing his/her class, constituting the connecting link among classmates and with the School. He/she is the driver and catalyst of annual (for the College the fiscal year is 1 September – 31 August) and lifelong class giving.

It doesn’t matter where a class agent is physically based...

In Greece or abroad, a class agent can be as active. In most cases, the work of the class agent is carried out online.

Upon assignment, a class agent is requested to give consent for the publication of their name and contact number on the School's website as well as sign the Class Agent Declaration laying down provisions on confidentiality and GDPR.

Class agents officially meet once a year during the Annual Class Agents Meeting, invited by the head of the AFD while several informal meetings and workshops are taking place throughout the year (an idea is to make them more institutionalized in the near future. The annual meeting is held on the Psychico campus and the possibility for e-participation of class agents living abroad is underway for this year’s meeting. During the meeting, College leadership presents the strategic priorities of the School as well as other significant developments and new giving opportunities. An interactive discussion and Q&A session follow the presentations and a cocktail reception is offered on the premises of the Development Office to foster community building among the AFD members.

A class agent aims to...

  • HELP enhance a culture of philanthropy at the College.
  • INCREASE class participation.
  • INCREASE class giving for Annual Fund. Other giving opportunities can also be discussed and counted towards your Annual Fund goal.
  • RAISE spirit and attendance
  • KEEP classmates connected and engaged with the School. Make them aware of what is trending at the School, ie. successes, developments, initiatives, events, Annual Fund actions, stories and voices of impact, 2025 Centennial Campaign and more.

A class agent is expected to...

  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE; make his/her own gift to the Annual Fund before asking his/her classmates.
  • SET and SHARE giving goals.
  • ASK classmates for (recurring) gifts to the Annual Fund.
  • ORGANIZE / PROMPT class giving projects and occasions.
  • INFORM classmates on class giving progress and PROMPT additional giving.
  • THANK classmates who have given to the Annual Fund.
  • SHARE the College’s news and events with classmates and BE an advocate.
  • SHARE class activities and events as well as classmate news and successes with the College.
  • HELP the College stay in contact with his/her classmates.
  • ATTEND class agents working groups and annual meetings.
  • HELP the College know about stories of impact, distinguished personalities, experts and special supporters of the College within your class.

If abroad, a class agent is additionally expected to...

  • SERVE as a connecting link and key contact person — acting as mentor, advocate — in their country of establishment or in the wider region for Athens College community members, including students traveling or interested to study abroad, alumni studying or living abroad.
  • HOST country/region class reunions, capitalizing also on SAKA Chapters.
  • ACT as an ambassador of the School in building partnerships abroad (with Schools, Universities, companies, foundations, etc.).

A class agent’s impact is evaluated...

A class agent's impact is evaluated mainly on the basis of class participation (in %). If class participation rates among the top five, the class agent is invited to receive the Alumni Fund Drive Cup (see more under Stewardship & Recognition). Other criteria include class giving, hosting of class reunions and motivation of activities as well as participation in AFD meetings and actions. 

If you are currently a class agent and you...

  • Need guidance on how to step up your activities or you would like to discuss ideas for community building and impactful fundraising, contact the Alumni Fund Drive or the Development Office.
  • Feel you need help and support or if you think that it would help increase the impact of your work, don’t hesitate to bring other classmates on board as class agents, as long as you think they would be appropriate for the role. You can contact them directly, explain the aims and objectives and guide them how to express interest (you can also share this manual). Another option is to nominate them so that the AFD can get in contact with them, discuss and evaluate their interest to become members.
  • Would like to resign from this role, you can do it at any time by contacting the AFD. This is a volunteer post so it is important that anyone who chooses to acquire the class agent status is available, active, engaged and most importantly enjoys it! In this case, it would be great if you could nominate one or more classmates to take on so that the AFD can get in touch.
  • Remain inactive and uninvolved for a long period of time, the AFD will get in touch with you and should you not be able to carry on as an active AFD member, you will be removed and/or substituted accordingly by the AFD President with prior approval by the Development Office.
  • Act inappropriately and/or in breach of the Class Agents Declaration, you lose the class agent status.

In cases of deceased class agents...

In such cases, the AFD contacts fellow classmates, starting from those that have been active in supporting the Annual Fund, to explore interest in joining the team.

Being a class agent is not an easy task… It comes with challenges and the best way to address them is to share insights with the team and stay informed!