Professor Spiros N. Pollalis

Athens College President

"Athens College is a school. But it also something more. It is an institution and our responsibility is even greater than the boundaries of our School".


Spiros N. Pollalis is Professor Emeritus of Design, Technology and Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. After graduating from the National Technical University of Athens, he continued his studies in the US and received his PhD from MIT and his MBA from Northeastern University. He has taught as a Visiting Professor at universities in Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. His research and writing work on urban planning, environment and regional development is extensive.

In September 2023 he assumed the Office of the President of Athens College, a position he also held from 2010-2017. During his previous tenure, he focused particularly on academic and administrative issues, including the Code of Conduct, strengthening the IB Diploma Programme, the use of technology in education and administration, the extended program in Grade 1 and Grade 2, the IC Summer School in English, re-instating the Fulbright Fellows and re-launching the President's Award.

Athens College Former Presidents


F. Stroud Read 1925-1927 (Headmaster)
Henry B. Dewing 1927-1930
Homer W. Davis 1930-1932 (Acting Director) 1932-1960
Charles M. Rice 1960-1964
Homer W. Davis 1964-1965 (Acting President)
James H. Beaverson  1965-1970
Edward W. Glassmeyer  1970-1973
W. Lee Pierson   1973-1979
John Summerskill    1979-1985
Walter McCann       1985-1993
Stephen Kurtz        1993-1994  (Interim President)
Patricia L. Poteat  1994-1998
Stephen Kurtz1998-1999 (Interim President)
Dionysios Skiotis1999-2003
David W. Rupp2005-2010
Spiro N. Pollalis2010-2017
Richard L. Jackson2017-2020
Costas Synolakis2020-2023