Department of Informatics

Athens College is one of the first schools in Greece to incorporate Computer Science and the use of computers into its curriculum.  We want all our students to learn the use of modern technology in accordance with the needs of contemporary society.

We adhere to the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education, within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme’s (MYP) promotion of exploratory learning, with the aim of developing students’ creativity and enhancing their ability to communicate and collaborate.  We offer courses that nurture algorithmic thinking and teach programming, 3D design, and robotics technology.  The key objective of our syllabus is to make students capable of solving problems by developing important skills such as critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis.

Lessons are conducted by specialized teachers and held in modern laboratories equipped with cutting edge technology.

Classes are small and there is one computer per student available during each teaching hour.

Clubs and other extra-curricular activities allow students to pursue their interests in-depth and prepare for Panhellenic and international IT competitions.


Athens College

Head of Department Junior High - High School: Andreas Karampelas


Psychico College

Head of Department Junior High - High School: Giorgos Nikoloudakis

Informatics in Elementary School

Computer Science lessons in Elementary School are taught by qualified teachers in modern computer laboratories. Our students are introduced to the language of programming, cultivate their creativity, communication and collaboration skills. 

They use computers as a means of learning also for other subjects, such as English, and Art, and as a creative activity within their respective Clubs.