“Charalampos Vellis” Library


From the moment they are first exposed to reading, we want our young students to love books and to become familiar with the process of reading and to be able to discuss the variety of topics raised in books.

We want them to associate books with play, to learn the procedures and rules of borrowing, and to be attentive to storytelling when a librarian narrates a tale to them. Through a special activity titled “Book-games,” parents become involved in promoting a love of reading, while students are introduced to the process of research.

Each student in our Kindergarten has an individual Library Diary whose cover page has been drawn by the child him/herself.  The diary includes all the books read in the library as well as books borrowed during the child’s time in Kindergarten.

The library participates in the International Baccalaureate PYP (Primary Years Programme), currently in a pilot stage at the Kindergarten, through corresponding thematic units and literacy programs aimed at raising children’s awareness of books and reading.

At the “John M. Carras” Kindergarten Library we have:

Over 3,000 volumes in Greek and English

  • audiovisual materials
  • three-dimensional materials
  • board games
  • Bee-Bots