Athens College provides an academic-pedagogical program that serves the “Mission Statement” of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation and combines humanistic education with cutting-edge technology, as well as Greek heritage infused with contemporary, global intellectual and educational trends.

The academic-pedagogical program integrates the Greek National Curriculum with additional teaching hours for subjects such as Greek Language, English Language, Physical Education, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science. The curriculum is enriched with a variety of extra-curricular activities, which give students endless opportunities to discover and develop their interests and talents.

In Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High and 1st Year of High School, the curriculum is enhanced with the methodology and philosophy of the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP). In the final two years of High School, students can opt between the Greek National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP).

Our School implements contemporary teaching methods, which stimulate creativity, critical thinking and reflection.  These aim at learning through an actively engaged community of learners, research in the Library and in laboratories, and the organization of activities that promote a spirit of cooperation, ecological awareness and social sensitivity.

In today’s world of constant change and networks, we include in our program the education of engaging global citizenship and 21st century skills, preparing our students for the problems of the real world, for global collaboration and for the labor market in Greece and abroad.

Several School institutions, such as Student Communities, Social Life, Clubs, Oratory Competitions, Awards and Prizes contribute decisively to familiarizing students with  democratic processes, having them participate actively in projects of public benefit, cultivating their sense of responsibility and social sensitivity, engaging them in environmental issues and encouraging them to commit to excellence in all areas.

Respect to diversity and social justice are key components of school life. We believe that the configuration of a diverse student body broadens our students’ horizons, enriches their experiences, gives them an opportunity to reconsider their assumptions and to create bridges of communication with other civilizations.

From Kindergarten through High School and the IB DP, social outreach programs are embedded in our school activities to enhance the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen community bonds. Students perform volunteer work through Clubs, the annual Expedition, the International Baccalaureate Service as Action and CAS programmes, as well as other activities. Hence, there are multiple opportunities to become inspired, plan and implement meaningful actions.

Each year, our School collaborates with over 135 local and international non-governmental organization (NGOs). Οur students take initiatives to confront and help allay crises both nationally and globally.  Students are trained to have the flexibility, perseverance and confidence required to bring about positive change in the broader community and beyond. This ensures that significant learning opportunities in the realm of social work are extended to all students and become a daily practice with a profound and lasting impact on the entire school community.

Educators continuously advance and evolve professionally throughout their careers. Within the framework of the College’s uniquely broad and varied Teachers Professional Development and Training Program (Educate the Educators), we offer educational programs, as well as a range of seminars and workshops, that attract and foster inspired teachers who, in turn, help students blossom academically, socially and personally.

We collaborate with renowned educational institutions in Greece and abroad such as the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the College of Education and Human Development of Delaware University, the Arizona State University Prep Digital, the University College London Institute of Education, the University of Athens, the University of the Peloponnese, and more.

We attract educational partners from around the globe to implement innovative best practices and to participate in the debate on the challenges of 21st century education.

Athens College is an independent, non-profit organization. Each year, the Scholarship Program allows hundreds of students whose families have limited financial means to study at the College.

The support of donors and volunteers- members of the College family – alumni, parents and friends – is invaluable and honors our School’s longstanding tradition of giving. 

It empowers our students, sustains the high-quality education we provide and promotes a multifaceted concept of excellence, creating a modern and diverse student community.

We encourage support of innovative programs and activities that reflect the values and choices of our donors, which simultaneously serve the strategic goals and priorities of the School. We give tomorrow’s graduates the resources to develop actions that will have an extraordinary impact on society and ensure the College experience for future generations of students.

Our School is open to collaboration and dialogue with all local authorities, the College community and beyond, the State, the Academy of Athens, as well as institutions and organizations in Greece and abroad.

The College, as a beacon of education and lifelong learning in Greece, has instituted a series of synergies, lectures and events, having partnered with world-renowned institutions, academics and professionals representing the realms of education, science, arts, music, business, athletics and more.  

The continuous, credible and timely flow of communication and dialogue with alumni, parents and friends of the College, the development of appropriate promotional material, our modern and dynamic website and the ever-evolving social media allow us to share our latest news, events and achievements with the global community.

Lectures and events are broadcast live to our students, alumni and parents around the world and are open to the public for educational and inspirational purposes.