English Language Department

Our priority at the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation is for all Athens College students to acquire a strong command of English. Starting in the bilingual Kindergarten and throughout all the other grades, we aim to provide students with a meaningful experience in the English language. By observing, researching, communicating and experimenting, they cultivate language skills.

Our students are introduced to English in a supportive environment, encouraged by teamwork and interaction with other classmates. This helps them gain confidence in using a foreign language.

In the English Language Department, we carefully design the curriculum to suit the age and language level of all students. We ensure that it promotes understanding, critical thinking, and communication skills that are in line with the International Baccalaureate’s methodology.

In order to maximize their experience with the English language, students can participate in a series of extracurricular activities that are carried out in English, such clubs, Forensics and school publications.


Interschool Coordinator: Panagiota Priovolou


Athens College

Head of High School: Penny Basiakou

Head of Junior High School: Konstantina Ioannou

Head of Elementary: Fani Kafetzopoulou

Coordinator of Creative Activities 1st-2nd Grade: Vassilis Karastasthis

Psychico College

Head of High School: Elisavet-Maria Laskari

Head of Junior High School: Eleni Gkolemi

Head of Elementary: Natalia Kantzia

Coordinator of Creative Activities 1st-2nd Grade: Eleni Marinopoulou


Subject Course Coordinator (English-French-German): Maria-Eri Foka