Reunions on the occasion of SAKA events


SAKA events, including the annual Christmas party, Pitta cutting and Commencement after-party and the bi-annual Alumni Day are great occasions to arrange to meet with classmates with minimum effort and maximum community-building effect. And, community building is a major factor for making an impact. 

The Development Office is working closely with SAKA to incorporate in the Alumni Day actions that will prompt and facilitate class reunions and introduce class activities that will support the class agents’ work to bring classmates together. Building on their bonds is key to foster engagement with the School and their alumni association and increase class giving to their alma mater. 

Checklist to capitalize on these events and prompt a class meetup 

  • Get your updated class contact list copy from the Development Office, update it with help from your classmates and share any updates with the DO for their database. 
  • Communicate the SAKA events to your class via email and/or social media (whatever works best for your class) well ahead with a Save the Date and Be there/Let’s meet note. 
  • Contact a core group to attend and help encourage more classmates to attend.  
  • Remind classmates of the upcoming event again few days before. Let them know that you and a group will be there. It is important for them to feel that they can show up last minute and find classmates there. 
  • Do not make an ask or bring up the fundraising aspect unless you are asked. Make the best of the community-building aspect during these events and have fun! That will “pay off” next time you ask them to give. 
  • Organize another activity before or after these events, when possible and desirable, such as a dinner or drinks to warm up and to prolong your reunion.
  • Take pictures and send to the class with a Thank you/We had fun/Let’s do it again note encouraging more classmates to attend next time.