Become a class agent!

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Any alumnus/a can be a class agent and join the Alumni Fund Drive. There is no maximum number of class agents per class. The interested alumni just need to declare their interest to the AFD team at any time and be included in the emailing lists and activities. They will also be asked to give consent for the publication of their name and contact number on the School's website as well as sign the Class Agent Declaration laying down provisions on confidentiality and GDPR. On special occasions, including those stated above, the AFD leadership or other members can suggest the designation of an alumnus/a as class agent.

If you are contemplating to be a class agent…

Getting involved with the AFD can be very fulfilling on many ends. Among others, you get to:

  • Revive connections and build rapport with classmates.
  • Be part of a creative team.
  • Be an insider on School’s strategy and developments.
  • Give back to your alma mater.
  • Be a changemaker, prompting and motivating support to the Annual Fund.

If you are a recent graduate…

Do not hesitate to join the Alumni Fund Drive now that your connection with the School is still fresh! Motivate other friends from your class to join you, before you all start heading off to different directions in life. It is a great way to:

  • Keep in contact with your classmates.
  • Learn & be part of a creative team.
  • Network with other fellow alumni.
  • Have an insight into the School developments.
  • Join powers to support your alma mater.
  • Build your resume — volunteering will be an asset for your future applications to Colleges and Universities in Greece and abroad as well as for future employers.

If you are a senior student…

You will be part of the info session on the role and work of the AFD delivered every year to High School (Lykeion) and IB seniors by the AFD leadership and selected members, in collaboration with the Athens College faculty and administration. This is an ongoing effort to make students aware and engage them to join and stay close to their School after graduation. As a result, an increasing number of students -- especially since classes have been increasing in size -- are expressing interest to represent their class, many already on the day of the presentation or later on but while still on campus. We urge you to be one of them!

Last year, seniors having expressed interest to assume the role of class agent were invited for the first time to attend the Annual Class Agents Meeting and it was a great pleasure to host them and see them actively participate with questions and ideas!

Being a class agent is not an easy task… It comes with challenges and the best way to address them is to share insights with the team and stay informed!