Laying solid foundations for the future of our students

On the lush green campus in Kantza, with its modern facilities and infrastructure, our students are both stimulated and motivated to learn.  Our goal is to help them adapt to primary school, to cultivate socialization and other necessary skills for the 21st century, to help them acquire knowledge and paideia, and to nurture their talents and interests.

Our Methodology

Properly trained teachers, using collaborative teaching practices and incorporating a variety of innovative programs, such as Harvard University’s Project Zero, deliver high-quality education to our students. Our curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education’s and is enriched with the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) that promotes the development of skills through exploratory learning and an interdisciplinary approach.

Extra-curricular activities and our School’s institutions (clubs, cultural events, choirs, presentations, field trips) engender a love of learning and help our students to acquire self-confidence and develop critical thinking skills. These activities and institutions also reinforce the importance of teamwork and teach students to carry out research projects, all of which build a strong foundation for the future. In the meanwhile, we strive to help our students acquire values and attitudes in order for them to become well-rounded individuals with good judgment and a sense of social responsibility.

The use of technology, modern IT labs, interactive tables and eQuizzes all complement the Elementary School curriculum.  The School also provides supplementary learning materials and enhances the curriculum with additional teaching hours that allow for a more in-depth study of content areas.

Things you should know about Elementary School at Athens College:

  • It is one of the “Talent Point” schools named by the European Talent Support Network (ETSN).
  • As a member of the eTwinning community of European schools, it participates in joint pedagogical projects with primary schools in Greece and abroad.
  • For its contribution to social causes, it has received awards and recognition from various organizations, such as Make a Wish Greece, Association of Friends of Children with Cancer “ELPIDA,” and Together for Children.
  • It belongs to the Eco-School Network of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature.
  • It implements an Entrepreneurship for Kids Program.
  • It runs an innovative First-Sixth Program whereby sixth-grade students “adopt” and guide first-grade students.




Συνέργειες - Συνεργασίες:

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