Athens College is proud to host the largest Fulbright Fellowship Program in Greece.  Each year, 12 Americans, recent graduates from universities in the United States who have been awarded a place in the Fulbright English Teaching Assistants program, come to our School to acquire teaching experience.

Fellows interact with our students by assisting, coaching and mentoring them during English lessons, in the Library, as well as in other English language programs and activities offered by our School, such as Forensics, the Delta Oratory Competition, Clubs, student publications, and SAT Prep courses.

They undertake the role of young ambassadors, strengthening the ties between our School and the United States. Infusing their enthusiasm, knowledge, ideas, language, and culture into our school community, they provide a cross-cultural educational experience.  In a very real sense, they serve as role models for our students.

For more information, pleases visit the website of the Institute of International Education – U.S. Student Fulbright Program.



Le’ Aysha Breshae Pearson - Jackson, Tennessee

“Being a Fellow at Athens College Elementary School has challenged me and allowed me to grow as an educator in ways that I couldn’t imagine. As a person from an underrepresented background, I have been able to learn just as much from the students and this unique culture as they have learned from me, and the knowledge gained from this experience will forever enhance my role as an educator.”

Ben Shinogle - Kansas City, Missouri

“As a fellow at Athens College, I am learning and guiding in equal measure. Working with High School students, I enjoy bringing literary texts to life and giving them the context of the American experience. On their part students and staff have been welcoming and engaging as I learn about Greek culture, history, and politics. It is a great experience overall, one that I will cherish in the following years.”