With years of experience, our University Applications Counseling Office is well-positioned to guide students who want to study abroad.

We have a long history of academic achievement and admission of our students into some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, US, Canada and beyond, with a 99% success rate in the academic year 2019-2020.

Our counselors maintain ongoing professional relationships with representatives of universities in Europe and the Americas, keeping abreast of universities’ admission data and requirements, which may change from year to year.  

We invite students and their parents to contact us early in the process in order to get to know them and to build a relationship of trust. We want to help families choose institutions that provide the best match for their child.

Our objective is to support the interests of our students throughout their preparation to study abroad: from their selection of curriculum and standardized testing to the extra-curricular activities and social work they can engage in, as well as financial assistance opportunities available to continue their studies. We provide them with all the necessary information regarding steps in the admissions process required by each individual degree program within each university.

We keep in constant contact with the teachers in order to understand the needs of each student. Thus, we are able to advocate their candidacy to the universities.

We organize in-house lectures and presentations by foreign university recruiters and encourage everyone interested to attend.

We train High School sophomores (10th graders) and juniors (11th graders) to sit SAT exams for universities in the United States and Canada by providing SAT Prep courses.

We organize seminars for students on how to complete their applications and how to write their personal essays.