Welcome to the Panhellenic Forensics Association Tournament 2023 - PFAT 2023 homepage!

This year’s PFAT will take place on March 16-19, and will be hosted by Athens College, Hellenic-American Educational Foundation (HAEF).

In 2022-2023, we are celebrating 50 years of Forensics in Greece. In the early 1970s, English teachers from Anatolia College, Athens College and Pinewood International Schools united to form the Forensics Society to give students from different schools the opportunity to meet and have discussions, make speeches and generally improve their speaking skills in English. In 2004, the society became an official association, the Panhellenic Forensics Association. Today the PFA has 22-member schools from Athens, Larisa, Patras and Thessaloniki, who are invited to compete in its tournaments. For more information on the PFA, please visit www.pfa.gr .

This will be the largest PFAT to date, with nearly 500 student participants, representing 22 schools from Athens, Larisa, Patras and Thessaloniki ! We will also be joined by over 150 judges and more than 100 volunteers to create a unique experience for the students and to manage a smooth transition back to in-person tournaments after the last three years of online Forensics.


HAEF Forensics Head & Tournament Director : Kallina Basli, [email protected] , 210 6798 261

Tournament Organizing Committee: [email protected]  

Sweepstakes CA: [email protected]

Debate CA: [email protected]  


Key Dates for Registration

  • School Registration deadline deadline: Monday, February 20, 2023
  • Impromptu Topics deadline: Monday, February 20, 2023
  • School Late Registration deadline: Friday, February 24, 2023
  • Judge Registration deadline: Friday, February 24, 2023
  • Sweepstakes Judges’ Briefing: Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 18:00-20:30 (Online)
  • GDPR Confirmation Form: Wednesday, March 8, 2023
  • Original Oratory submission deadline: Monday, March 13, 2023
  • Head Coaches’ Meeting: Thursday, March 16, 2023, 19:00-20:00 (HAEF)

Judge Registration

Judges are a vital part of any tournament’s success! They ensure the competition is fair by scoring the participants, while also making this a positive learning experience for everyone through constructive feedback.

Judge Registration is now open HERE .

Note: If you are signing up on behalf of a school delegation, please do not submit this form until you have contacted the school’s Head Coach.

Registration will close on Friday, February 24, and the Judge Briefing will take place online on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 18:00-20:30.