The Sports – Dance Program aims to provide children with an early stimulus by acquainting them with a variety of sports or dance, so that they will continue, if they choose, with specialized training.  Our objective is to provide proper training so that children will enjoy the sport they have selected or so that they will join the School’s competitive sports program.

Elementary School 1st – 2nd grades

With the implementation of extended hours in Elementary School, each day students have an opportunity to become creatively engaged and to gain different experiences in sports activities, at no additional cost.

Elementary School 1st – 6th grades, Junior High School, High School

The already extensive program is constantly enriched with new activities (ping-pong, hip-hop, modern dance, strength training-muscle toning, cross fit, volleyball, etc.) in order to meet the interests and needs of all children.

For volleyball, swimming and track & field, there are sections based on graded levels of competence (beginners, advanced, pre-competition training, competition training).  Students-athletes have an opportunity to participate in workshops, tournaments and friendly matches.  The objective is to provide a methodical approach to training and the possibility of inclusion in the Schools’ Varsity and the Athens College – Psychico College Alumni Association’s (SAKA) teams.

Activities take place on weekdays, after the end of the normal school day, and on weekends at the HAEF facilities in both Kantza and Psychico. 

Track & Field and Competitive Swimming Program

For students who want to join our School’s SAKA teams, special sections of intensive training (graduated skill levels) have been created and are offered at special rates.  At the same time, the highly successful Competitive Swimming Program continues its operation, combined with a program of muscular strengthening, upon the coaches' suggestion. 

  • Student transport from Kantza to Psychico will be by school buses.
  • The annual cost of enrollment in the academies is €400 for Track & Field and €500 for Soccer
  • Registration of athletes in SAKA teams takes place at the SAKA offices where an annual athletic fee of €100 is paid.

Registration in the Competitive Swimming Program requires:

a. the approval of the swimming coaches following a swimming assessment evaluation

b. enrollment in the SAKA association’s team

c. issuance of an athlete’s card by the Swimming Federation of Greece

    Elementary School   
    Volleyball(3rd - 6th grades)Fencing(3rd - 6th grades)
    (1st - 6th grades)Contemporary Dance(1st - 6th grades)
    Swimming(1st - 6th grades)Modern Dance/Hip-hop(3rd - 6th grades)
    Competitive Swimming(3rd - 6th grades)Shotokan Karate(1st - 6th  grades)
    Synchronized Swimming(3rd - 6th grades)Tae Kwon Do(1st - 6th grades)
    Mini Basketball(1st & 2nd grades)Chess(1st - 6th grades)
    (3rd - 6th grades)Winter Skiing
    (3rd - 6th grades)
    Μini Tennis(1st & 2nd grades)
    Mountain Sports
    (1st - 6th grades)
    Tennis(3rd - 6th grades)
    Sailing - Windsurfing
    (3rd - 6th grades)
    Boys' Soccer(1st - 6th grades)Track & Field Academy(3rd - 6th grades)
    Track & Field(1st - 6th grades)


    Junior High School - High School  
    VolleyballBasketballTae Kwon Do
    Beach VolleyballΤennis
    SwimmingContemporary DanceSquash
    Competitive SwimmingClassical DanceWinter Skiing
    Boys' SoccerStrength Training-Muscle ToningWater Sports
    Girls' SoccerCross Fit
    Sailing - Windsurfing
    Track & FieldShotokan Karate 

    Young Explorers

    A program for children in Elementary School 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades aimed at familiarizing them with nature, survival training, adventure, as well as mountain and water games.  The program takes place on Sundays, on scheduled dates, throughout the school year.

    Mini Sport Camp

    Day camps specializing in sports training, modeled on the standards of international sports academies, with the objective of improving the technical skills and abilities of children in popular sports such as soccer, basketball, swimming and track & field.  They are for students in Elementary School grades 3 to 6, and Junior High School grades 7 and 8.

    Multi-Sport Camp

    Four-day educational and sporting trip, which takes place during Easter break, for Elementary School students in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 and Junior High School grades 7 and 8, for the purpose of:
    a) gaining practice in different sports: soccer, basketball, swimming, water polo, track & field, archery, fencing, ping-pong, tennis, beach volleyball 
    b) introducing rock climbing, rappelling, orientation in darkness, trekking, first aid
    c) participating in soccer and basketball tournaments

    Ski Trips

    Organized lessons and preparatory groups for ski racing and snowboarding that take place during 2-day, 3-day or 4-day trips to different ski resort destinations.

    Sports Trips around Europe

    Excursions of both sports and cultural interest for select groups of students in Elementary School grades 4, 5 and 6 and Junior High School grades 7, 8 and 9.

    Summer Programs

    For students who attend the College as well as for those from other schools.