SPECIAL PROGRAMS is an independent unit of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation (HAEF) whose classes are held after the end of the HAEF Schools’ regular school day. 


All athletic activities begin 2 weeks after the HAEF Schools’ regular classes begin. 

Detailed information about the Special Programs can be found at: https://www.athenscollege.edu.gr/the-experience/optional-activities/special-programs

Registration – Annual Tuition Fees

Registration forms can be submitted:

  • In person to the Special Programs Secretariat (within the HAEF facilities at 15 Stephanou Delta St., Psychico, Capps Hall, 1st floor), Monday to Friday 08:30-15:30
  • By fax (210 6744970) or by email ([email protected]), sending in the completed Registration Form

Registration is valid only after the Registration Form has been completed and signed and payment has been made as specified on the Registration Form and the Special Programs Rules & Regulations, copy of which the Parent has received and has accepted by signing the Registration Form.

Classes will run provided there is a sufficient number of enrollments.

Athletics Tuition Fees







General Program

€ 330

€ 600

€ 810*

€ 960


€ 370

€ 660

€ 900*

€ 1080

Competitive Swimming




€ 500

Track & Field Academy




€ 500


 (*) The tuition discount applies when the student attends the same sports activity/program throughout the week.


Tuition Fee Payment

Registration (following acceptance of the registration form on behalf of HAEF) is completed upon payment of the specified fees as outlined below. Within the first ten days of November 2021 you will receive by email an invoice from the School’s Accounting Office that will include an individual payment ID thereby allowing you to pay via Web Banking or in person at one of the partner banks: National, Alpha, EUROBANK, Piraeus.

Tuition fees up to 750€ are paid in full within the first ten days of December 2021 upon receipt of the invoice with your individual payment ID.

Tuition fees over 750€ are paid in two (2) equal installments (1/2 of the total amount due during the first ten days of December 2020 upon receipt of your individual payment ID, and the balance within January 2022).


Late Registration – Course Change

Students who have not registered within the prescribed time period may request to register after classes have begun; however, registration is subject to space availability and the terms and conditions that will be specified by the Secretariat. The same applies for students who wish to change courses.


School Bus Transportation

For the convenience of students enrolled in Special Programs course, late afternoon bus service is available.  Final bus routes/schedules are established once registration is over, at which time bus fees are announced. Applications to sign up for school bus service are submitted by parents directly to HAEF’s Transportation Office.  Kindly note that applications for school bus service outside the designated bus routes will not be accepted by the Transportation Office.  Due to limited spaces, applications for school bus service are strictly accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Course Withdrawal

If, for whatever reason, a student withdraws from a course within the first two weeks of the program, or in the event of a delayed enrollment within the first two weeks of registration, a written request for withdrawal is submitted and 25% of the annual course fee must be paid.  If a student withdraws from a course after the second week, the annual course fee must be paid in full.
ATTENTION: If a withdrawal request in not submitted in writing before the 2nd week, then the full annual course fee is due.


Special COVID-19 Terms:

HAEF is obliged to strictly observe all precautionary measures aimed at preventing and containing the spread of the new coronavirus, as prescribed by the National Public Health Organization and the Ministries of Education & Religious Affairs and Culture & Sports, as they relate to the operation of primary and secondary schools, other educational institutions and athletic facilities.  Within this context, HAEF will keep a record of all students entering-exiting its athletic facilities to train or participate in other sports events for purposes of COVID-19 contact tracing, should the need arise.

If a student participating in Special Programs, whether from one of the HAEF school units or from any other school, shows the slightest symptom that may related to the new coronavirus (i.e. fever, cough, etc), or comes into close physical contact with any person who shows such symptoms, or, most importantly, has come into physical contact with any person who has been diagnosed with coronavirus, then his/her parents are obliged to take the following measures:

  • Keep their child in quarantine, in accordance with instructions issued by the Authorities. Under no circumstances should they allow their child to attend any of the Special Programs courses, nor, for any reason, enter the HAEF campuses and/or come into physical proximity with anyone participating in Special Programs, working for HAEF, or who is their child’s classmate.
  • Directly notify the Special Programs Secretariat of any of the following:

In the event of violation of the above obligations, as well as of any measure stipulated by law or by the relevant authority for the prevention, or transmission, or spread of a communicable disease, particularly the new coronavirus, parents may be subject to civil (compensation) as well as criminal liability, which, subject to conditions, may be punishable by life imprisonment (article 285 of the Penal Code, in particular paragraph 3).

In the event that HAEF has complied with all its obligations by law and the instructions of the Authorities and in the unlikely event of an outbreak or influx of coronavirus cases within the school community and/or the transmission of the new coronavirus to a student enrolled in Special Programs, and/or to a member of his/her family, and/or said person’s subsequent development of COVID infection symptoms, HAEF bears no responsibility and no compensation for damages of any kind can be claimed against HAEF.

Information regarding Personal Data

For students enrolled in HAEF’s Special Programs, information on the types of data collected, how it is processed and used, as well as how it is protected can be found online at https://www.athenscollege.edu.gr/the-experience/optional-activities/special-programs/interested-in/privacy-policy (in Greek).   The information is contained in a document labeled appendix (B) of the Registration Form for HAEF Special Programs’ Sports.


Rules and Regulations

HAEF Schools Rules and Regulations apply to the operation of Special Programs.  Upon submission of the Registration Form, parents are informed of the specific Special Programs Regulations, whose acceptance is a prerequisite for the student’s enrollment in the special program of his/her choice.