Through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs, students face real-world problems whose solution requires a combination of knowledge and skills from all these fields.  Thus, they discover experiential learning, learn teamwork, develop self-confidence, unleash their imagination and creativity, and cultivate competences and critical thinking skills.  Moreover, the algorithmic way of thinking helps students to enhance communication with their surroundings and express logical thoughts, while simultaneously enhancing their observation skills and ability to organize their ideas methodically in order to make the right choices. STEM programs are carried out in collaboration with the Organization for STEM Education Robotics, Science Technology and Math (STEM/WRO) and are intended for all primary school students.

Simple Machines

Students are transformed into young engineers, discovering the surrounding world and nature and learning how devices work. Gears, pulleys, levers and friction are concepts that this Program teaches in an experiential and fun way to children.

Complex Electrical Machines

What is electrical polarity and what is a switch? Armed with the right supplies, students are ready to think like engineers and to build complex machines in order to solve problems aimed at serving man. Children will be introduced to the world of automation and programming and learn to build their first coding machines in order to give instructions to their constructions to perform specific motions.

The First Automations

Interactive learning is easier than ever before. Students can see their constructions in motion and test and improve their problem-solving skills through educational robotics. Children build, program and operate their robotic model, enjoying the wonderful feeling of pride in their creations.

Technology Units

SPIKE Prime is a new, intuitive hands-on educational system designed to engage students with STEM and educational robotics, helping them to develop self-confidence and communication skills. SPIKE Prime enhances the development of students’ critical thinking and complex problem solving skills through a fun process whereby they learn through play.