After the end of the daily program, school units offer a series of activities to our students, run by the School’s faculty, at no additional cost. Those include a variety of activities related to school subjects but also of wider interest. Each year, they are renewed according to student demand. 


  • Drama Club
  • Competitive Chess
  • Mini Forensics
  • Musical Theater
  • Choir
  • Junior College Orchestra
  • Robotics 
  • Mathematical Thinking 
  • Computational Thinking            
  •  Robotics                                        
  •  Historical Workshop "Our 20th Century" – Grade 9                                        
  •  Schooligans - Action Club 
  •  Unplugged Orchestra
  •  Algorithmic Thinking & PC Programming                 
  •  Science Lab                                       
  •  Physics Thinking       
  •  Junior Forensics   
  •  Forensics                                     
  •  Percussion Band                       
  •  STEM in PC                                          
  •  Drama Club
  •  Model United Nations Club (MUN)                            
  •  Digital Art Lab                                 
  •  College Symphony Orchestra    
  • "Girl Power: Girls that Lead" Club
  •  Contemporary and Artistic Choral Singing Group
  •  Guitar Project                                  
  •  Bully Busters                       
  •  UNESCO                                
  •  Science Laboratory Club       
  •  Choir

Mathematical Thinking                                      
Physics Thinking                                                 
Computational Thinking
Object Oriented Programming
Philosophical Thinking
Ancient Greek Thought   
Linear Design
Free Design
Exploring the IB DP             
Virtual Enterprise
Dual Reasons                   
Foundation for the SAT (Language)
Foundation for the SAT (Math)                                                   
Youth Entrepreneurship Club 
Model United Nations (MUN)                 
Unplugged Orchestra
College Symphony Orchestra
Percussion Band
Guitar Project
Economics Olympiad
EOES-lab (European Olympiad of Experimental Science)
Youth Parliament
Drama Club
Contemporary and Artistic Choral Singing Club