Alumni Fund Drive

The Alumni Fund Drive is an integral part of the College’s Annual Fund scheme. It is the annual fundraising effort by alumni volunteers - the class agents - who represent their class, fostering community building among classmates and with the School and encouraging classmates’ giving in support of the Annual Fund. 

For more than fifty years, Athens College alumni have helped sustain the College experience for all students. 

The AFD was established in 1967 at the initiative of visionaries Platon Mousaios ’30 (Hellenic-American Educational Foundation) and Dimitris Karamanos ’59 (Athens College Alumni Association SAKA President), supported by then Athens College President James H. Beaverson. The aim was to motivate alumni to support the College’s Scholarship Program in an organized and sustainable way. The AFD launched its activity in 1968 with Angelos Canellopoulos x50 as its first President. In the years that followed this pioneer initiative came to be one of the most significant institutions of the College.

Alumni make a difference.

Annual giving plays a crucial role in sustaining the College's renowned financial aid program. Last year alone, more than 1.000 students received some form of financial assistance (including Covid-19 relief), almost 25% of our student body, of which 30% represents gifts from private donors. 

AFD and the Development Office work closely with the Athens College Alumni Association (SAKA) to keep in contact with the broad AC alumni base. In so doing, they enrich AFD representation of the classes, and motivate our alumni to engage with the School by participating in events and activities, as well as supporting their multifaceted work.

President: Dimitris Vamvakopoulos ’64
Αdviser to the President: Stelios Chartzidis ’93γ
Members: Class agents

Main actions in support of the Annual Fund:

  • Communicate with classmates (email, social media, calls, in person)
  • Motivate and/or organize class reunions
  • Coordinate milestone class reunions (25 years, 50 years from graduation)
  • Disseminate Annual Fund appeals

        Be a Class Agent!

        Getting involved with the AFD can be very fulfilling on many levels. You get to:

        • Maintain connections and build rapport with classmates
        • Be part of a creative team
        • Be an insider on School’s strategy and developments
        • Give back to your alma mater
        • Be a changemaker, prompting and motivating support to the Annual Fund and so much more

        You can learn more on the role and the responsibilities of a Class Agent here.

        For more information on how to get more involved with the Athens College Alumni Fund Drive, you may contact the Development Office at +30 210 6798217 or email [email protected].

        Mission statement

        The mission of the Athens College Alumni Fund Drive and the class agents is to create and reinforce lifelong intellectual, professional, and personal connections among classmates and all alumni; to strengthen the link between the alumni and their alma mater; and to serve the mission of the School. Athens College Alumni Fund Drive supports the Annual Fund and Financial Aid Program, helping make sure that no student misses out on the Athens College groundbreaking education and unique life experience for financial reasons.