Class Agents per class year

Thank you for your participation at the Alumni Fund Drive as Class Agents!

Any alumnus/a can be a Class Agent and join the Alumni Fund Drive. It doesn’t matter where you are physically based. In Greece or abroad, you can be as active. There is no maximum number of Class Agents per class. 

Our Class Agents, members of the Alumni Fund Drive, play such an important role in nurturing the College’s strong alumni community. Every time you reach out to your classmates, you remind them that they are and will always be part of Athens College. Your efforts are essential for us to have an active, engaged alumni community and enthusiastic alumni support. As a Class Agent, you represent your class and constitute the connecting link among classmates and with the School and the rest of the College family. You are the driver and catalyst of annual and lifelong class giving to the Annual Fund in support of our students fostering a modern, more diverse community of learners and act as role models for current students.

You can join the Alumni Fund Drive by fill in the form (available in el) here.

If you would like to change your contact details or for any error, please contact us at T:+30 210 6798217, 218 or via email at [email protected]

Class Agents
Phone numberEmail
1953Yannis Michail '53+30 210 8013349[email protected]
1955Nikos Ebeoglou '55+30 210 3631326
+30 210 3610402
[email protected]
1956Georgios Enepekidis '56+30 6944520406 
1958Pantelis Velissaropoulos '58+30 6945386698[email protected]
1959Damianos Agapalidis '59+30 210 6813901[email protected]
1960Dimitri Lalas '60+30 6944532507[email protected]
1960Harry Chryssopoulos '60+30 6932341864[email protected]
1962Theodore Contoyannopoulos '62+30 6937461689[email protected]
1964Dimitri Vamvakopoulos '64+30 6932524173[email protected]
1964Dimitris Papathanasiou '64+30 6977274428[email protected]
1964Paris Tsikalakis '64+30 6944457070[email protected]
1965Costas Argeitis '65+30 6936463319
+30 210 6463319
[email protected]
1966Nikos Markopouliotis '66+30 6932351144[email protected]
1966Vasilis Mousaios '66+30 6974411342[email protected]
1967Takis Lamproukos '67+30 6944678333
+30 210 8137485
[email protected]
1968Apostolos Allamanis x68+30 6944382000[email protected]
1969Antonios Kritikos '69+30 6942062226[email protected]
1969Costas Sigalos '69+30 210 6128800[email protected]
1969Constantine Stavridis '69+30 6972079015[email protected]
1970Pakis Vafiadakis '70+30 6932433300[email protected]
1971Nikolaos Frilingos '71+30 6974788786[email protected]
1971Emmanouil Tiniakos x71+30 6936517733[email protected]
1972Yannis Calognomos '72+30 210 6892926[email protected]
1972Nicholas Simantiras '72+30 210 7290321
+30 6957208534
[email protected]
1973Vasilis Vavakos '73+30 6972004714[email protected]
1975Manolis Kazamias '75+30 6932206177[email protected]
1976Greg Mitsacopoulos '76+30 6942012821[email protected]
1976Nicholas Skayannis x76+30 6945151036[email protected]
1977 Dimitris Vranopoulos x77+30 6944528004[email protected]
1978Konstantinos Papadiamantis ’78+30 6944323674[email protected]
1979Antonios Svoronos '79+30 6944747054[email protected]
1980George Kyriakos '80+30 6951849315[email protected]
1982Paris Vallides '82+30 6944685777[email protected]
1982Alexander Papadimitriou '82+30 6973202020[email protected]
1983Vassilis Mentzelopoulos '83+30 6938428935[email protected]
1984Agis Tsahageas '84+30 6932227062[email protected]
1985ΔChristos Papanikolaou '85Δ+30 6932443781[email protected]
1985 (85γ-86Δ)Periklis Andreas Tsahageas '85γ+30 6974403301[email protected]
1986 (86γ-87Δ)Apostolos Georgantzis '86γ+30 6999904200[email protected]
1986 (86γ-87Δ)Vangelis Marinakis '86γ+30 6977435060[email protected]
1986 (86γ-87Δ)Vassilis Pachiyannis '86γ+30 6947700215[email protected]
1986 (86γ-87Δ)George Papaioannides+30 6944425366[email protected]
1986 (86γ-87Δ)Grigoris Tsitsas '87Δ+30 6945230241[email protected]
1987 (87γ-88Δ)Elias Nikolakopoulos '87γ+968 92772552[email protected]
1987 (87γ-88Δ)Tasos Kazakos '88Δ+30 6944558588[email protected]
1988 (88γ-89Δ)Chryssanthie Kostaridis '88γ+30 6955151150[email protected]
1988 (88γ-89Δ)Doxis Doxiadis '89Δ+30 6932638355[email protected]
1988 (88γ-89Δ)Maria Koronaki '89Δ+30 6944270102[email protected]
1989 (89γ-90Δ)Daphne Filippaki '89γ+30 6977252910[email protected]
1990 (90γ-91Δ)Christos Contoyannopoulos '91Δ+30 6947008920[email protected]
1991 (91γ-92Δ)Xenia Paschopoulou '91γ+30 6974068307[email protected]
1992 (92γ-93Δ)Helen Alexiou '92γ+30 6932722267[email protected]
1992 (92γ-93Δ)Alexis Komselis '92γ+30 6977298771[email protected]
1993 (93γ-94Δ)Stelios Hartzides '93γ +30 210 6722067[email protected]
1994 (94γ-95Δ)Faye Kafetzopoulou '94γ+30 6936785466[email protected]
1994 (94γ-95Δ)Meli Xenou '94γ+30 6973300337[email protected]
1995 (95γ-96Δ)Despina Panagopoulou '96Δ+30 6979703384[email protected]
1996 (96γ-97Δ)Amalia Missailidi '96γ+30 6974378932[email protected]
1996 (96γ-97Δ)Galatia Phoka '97Δ+30 6945267152[email protected]
1997 (97γ-98Δ)Despina Agapalidi '97γ+30 210 6813901[email protected]
1997 (97γ-98Δ)Fay Carella '97γ+30 6945777068[email protected]
1997 (97γ-98Δ)Olga Michalopoulou '97γ+30 6936142594[email protected]
1997 (97γ-98Δ)Alexandra  Tsavliris '98Δ+30 6945105050[email protected]
1998 (98γ-99Δ)Nikos Pinatsis  '98γ+30 6972608363[email protected]
1999 (99γ-00Δ)Eirini Kapellaki '99γ+30 6945087480[email protected]
2000Sofia Xenaki '00+30 210 6253686[email protected]
2000Renata Saites '00 (PC IB)+30 6948608255[email protected]
2001George Sakellariadis '01+30 6973773853[email protected]
2002Tonia Aroni '02+30 6945496252[email protected]
2004Milka Chasioti '04 (ΑC)+30 6972027312[email protected]
2004Nikolaos Loulis '04 (PC IB)+30 6945890606[email protected]
2005Theodora  Vafiadakis '05 (PC ΙΒ)+30 6944565550[email protected]
2007Marina Dritsa '07 (ΑC)+30 6984132007[email protected]
2009Maria Louisa Vafiadaki '09 (PC ΙΒ)+30 6948600002[email protected]
2010Nikolina Gyleki '10 (AC)+30 6948235908[email protected]
2011Nelli-Anna Kontodimou-Psalida '11 (PC ΙΒ) +30 6948254963 [email protected]
2011Katerina Paitazoglou '11 (PC ΙΒ)  +30 6908841666[email protected]
2012Christiana Koudigkeli '12 (AC)+30 6974699624[email protected]
2012Dimitris Maxilaris '12 (AC)+30 6945767084[email protected]
2012Natalia Kritsali '12 (PC)+30 6986810339[email protected]
2013Marialena Arvaniti '13 (AC)+30 6945141519[email protected]
2013Marianthi Koutri '13 (PC)+30 6939560529[email protected]
2013Katerina Tsaoutou '13 (PC)+30 6932898430[email protected]
2014Sandy Papadimitriou '14 (ΑC)+30 6977360172[email protected]
2014Marilena Angelopoulou '14 (PC)+44 (0)7562973346[email protected]
2014Sofia Kamperou '14 (PC)+30 6948727594[email protected]
2015Eleni Koutentaki '15 (ΑC)+30 6943164849[email protected]
2015Vasilis Leivadas '15 (AC)+30 6980593182[email protected]
2015Maria-Ioanna Sigalou '15 (ΑC)+30 6951692275[email protected]
2015Viron Criticos '15 (PC IB)+30 6937056192[email protected]
2015George Phylactopoulos '15 (PC IB)+1 7816001002[email protected]
2016Spyridon Marios Delitheos '16 (ΑC)+30 6956976069[email protected]
2016Aristoklis Lagos '16 (AC)+30 6933220198[email protected]
2016Lydia Sokou '16 (ΑC)+30 6984302521[email protected]
2016Chryssa Politi '16 (PC)+30 6958764614
+44 (0)7562114522
[email protected]
2016Frida Zora '16 (PC+30 6987249095[email protected]
2016Argyri Dimitrakopoulou '16 (PC IB)+44 (0)7704794088[email protected]
2017Hector Melissinos '17 (ΑC)+30 6943268900[email protected]
2017Angelos Stampouloglou '17 (ΑC)+30 6978867366[email protected]
2017Alexandra Yiagou '17 (PC)+30 6989941168[email protected]
2017Nikos Dimitriadis '17 (PC)+30 6947045604[email protected]
2017Elena Kanta '17 (PC)+30 6987281678[email protected]
2017Panagiotis Marketos '17 (PC)+30 6980664927[email protected]
2017Stathis-Raphael Pasyanos '17 (PC)+30 6986605641[email protected]
2017Joanna Vamvakopoulou '17 (PC IB)+44 (0)7552140241[email protected]
2017Antonia Theodorakopoulou '17 (PC IB)+44 (0)7511024789[email protected]
2018Katerina Dimatou '18 (ΑC)+30 6987527227[email protected]
2018Tina Kallimani '18 (ΑC)+30 6943000130[email protected]
2018Konstantinos Mantzavinos '18 (ΑC)+30 6949456961[email protected]
2018Dimitrios Trovias '18 (ΑC)+30 6987212209[email protected]
2018Pantelis Karamailis '18 (PC IB)+44 (0)7729831931[email protected]
2018Chara Marketou '18 (PC IB)+30 6980668477[email protected]
2018Nick Papandreou '18 (PC IB)+30 6977705525[email protected]
2019Hennes Alt '19 (ΑC)+30 6940819700[email protected]
2019Christos Asvestis '19 (ΑC)+30 6984512851[email protected]
2019Dimitra Aivalioti '19 (PC)+30 6940702000[email protected]
2019Odysseas Liagkas '19 (PC)+30 6947003929[email protected]
2019Angelos Chinos '19 (PC)+30 6981080445[email protected]
2019Yannos Markopoulos '19 (PC)+30 6908601422[email protected]
2019Marios Psychogios '19 (PC)+30 6970061970[email protected]
2019Alfred Alexopoulos '19 (PC IB)+30 6940051401[email protected]
2019Andreas Kalantonis '19 (PC IB)+30 6975656146[email protected]
2019Leon Melas '19 (PC IB)+30 6983636843[email protected]
2019Dimitra Stratopoulou '19 (PC IB)+44 (0)7960964845
+30 6942296296
[email protected]
2020Vivian Gioxa '20 (ΑC)+30 6945162300[email protected]
2021Sofia Georgiou (AC)+30 6934449602[email protected]
2021Christiana Kallimani ’21 (AC)+30 6980855151[email protected]
2021Fay Antoniadi ’21 (PC)+30 6980992524[email protected]
2021Katerina Kontoleon ’21 (PC IB)+30 6940690963[email protected]
2022Vassiliki-Rafaella Serepas ’22 (AC)+30 6940720703[email protected]