Our students’ good health and safe participation in all of the School’s programs and activities are an unconditional priority for us.

Our Medical Services, unique in the educational system of Greece, include two fully equipped infirmaries on both campuses that operate at all times during normal school hours and when after-school programs are in session.

They are staffed by a pediatrician who is in charge of the services, a pediatrician especially for Kindergarten and eight nurses who, together, ensure the continuous and coordinated provision of care to students in all of the school units.  Our goal cannot be fulfilled without the active participation of our students’ parents and, as such, communication and close cooperation with them is essential.

During the pandemic, our Medical Services, in collaboration with the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation Crisis Management Committee, coordinated all the measures implemented for the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus.

According to the new Joint Ministerial Decision, all measures for the prevention of the spread on the new coronavirus in school units are now repealed (use of face masks, diagnostic testing etc.).

Things you should know about our School’s Medical Services:

  • We have eight (8) fully equipped First Aid Stations / Infirmaries.
  • We have six (6) Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) centrally located on both campuses.
  • Every year we administer over 1000 seasonal flu vaccinations free of charge to students and staff.
  • Through Clubs and special seminars, we train students and staff in first aid skills.
  • We implement a Health and Sex Education Program in our Elementary Schools.
  • We organize talks and seminars for students, teachers, and parents on healthy lifestyles.
  • We carry out pediatric examinations for all new students.
  • We carry out clinical and para-clinical tests during routine examinations.
  • We monitor health issues that arise at school and recommend measures to prevent and treat them.
  • We support students with chronic health conditions.
  • We conduct preventive cardio check-ups on students in collaboration with Hippokration General Hospital.