The holistic approach of the PYP offers teachers an excellent opportunity for authentic assessment of their students while providing students with an ongoing framework for self-assessment.

Formative assessment is continuous and integrated daily in the school day. Teachers systematically assess each student throughout the school year using a wide range of methods, tools and strategies in order to collect information about a student’s development in all areas of the PYP.  A key element of the PYP is to guide students carefully and effectively as they acquire knowledge, explore concepts, develop skills and attitudes and decide to take responsible action.

Initially, teachers conduct a pre-assessment of each student to determine the level of prior knowledge and the personal interests and experiences of the child in order to adapt the learning process to his/her abilities and personal traits. Then, throughout the school year, teachers monitor the progress of each student as he/she develops new ideas, attitudes and skills. 

Finally, summative assessments, which are carried out at various points during the year as Units of Inquiry are completed, aim to give insight into student understanding and the level of overall achievement in meeting the objectives of the respective unit.