Joint Visual Arts and Sciences Kindergarten - IB DP Collaborative Activity

Feb 26, 2024

In the context of the Interdisciplinary Research Units "Creativity" and "Experiments & Discoveries", «J.M Carras” Kindergarten students participated in two collaborative activities with IB Diploma Programme students. Bringing together students from different ages and perspectives, the activities enriched the students' creativity and imagination, offered the possibility for new approaches to the educational process, exposed students to different views and approaches, while enhancing their confidence and sense of community.

Creativity - IB DP Visual Arts

In the context of the 3rd interdisciplinary research unit with the topic "People express their creativity in different ways" all Preschool classes visited the IB DP Visual Arts studio. The IB DP students had created 3 different corners/stations within the studio, where they welcomed the Pre-K students and collaborated with them by creating prints with natural materials, making traditional ceramic plates with clay, and tracing different patterns on transparent paper.

Experiments & Discoveries- IB DP Sciences

As part of the 3rd Interdisciplinary Research Unit with the topic "Curiosity and experimentation leads to exploration and discovery", Kindergarten students visited the IB DP Science Labs. With the guidance of teachers and DP students, Kindergarten students were "transformed" into young and responsible scientists, actively participating in impressive experiments, discovering the beauty of physics and chemistry.