The MYP places great importance on the cultivation of Approaches to Learning Skills, which enable students to “learn how to learn.” Our School provides our students with appropriate opportunities to use, enhance, expand upon and improve pre-existing skills, but also to cultivate new ones, both through lessons and through extra-curricular activities.

 According to the Programme, the specific skills are encompassed into the following general categories:

 Thinking Skills

Social Skills

Communication Skills

Self-Management Skills

Research Skills

The depth and the degree to which each individual student implements any one of the aforementioned skills vary and are assessed on the following scale: 

Νοvice/beginning:  I start to cultivate the skill by observing others who apply it.

Learner/developing:  I am able to apply the skill with support and guidance, following standards/models of application.

Practitioner/using:  I apply the skill effectively and confidently.

Expert/sharing:  I am able to guide others on how to use the skill and accurately assess its effective application.