In the final year of the MYP (MYP 5 / High School grade 10), students work on a research-based project.  The MYP Personal Project is carried out individually by each student, under the guidance of a supervising teacher.  Through the Personal Project Report, which can be written in either Greek or English, students are given the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they gradually cultivated in all the years leading up to MYP 5.  

Students select the topic of their project based on personal interests, then conduct the appropriate research and set the criteria for the product/outcome. They create an action plan, take action, and evaluate the quality of the product/outcome.  Lastly, they reflect on how completing the project has increased their knowledge and understanding of the topic and their growth as an MYP learner.

The assessment of each student’s personal project by the supervisor is externally moderated by the IB which then awards the final achievement grade.