Community outreach actions are integral components of the learning process and, in general, of school life at the College.  As part of the Service as Action programme, students are encouraged to use learning as a vehicle to raise awareness of issues relevant to the local and wider community and to blossom into responsible citizens who act for the common good. Through collective and individual initiatives and actions, students formulate a personal perception of the different facets of social evolution, take initiatives, as well as organize and implement a well thought-out plan. In this way they redefine their place in society, and develop personal understanding and an emerging sense of self.

Concepts, skills and knowledge that are the building blocks of the learning process carry over to the Service as Action component in as much as they connect to the experiences gained from service and subsequent reflection on that service. Students’ reflection on their actions bring about self-evaluation, recognition, and empathy, which in turn increase their self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy.