5 Good Reasons to Take Your Kids to the Library Today

5 Good Reasons to Take Your Kids to the Library Today


Recognizing the role the library played in my becoming a book lover (and a career children’s editor), I herded my kids into the library as soon as they could toddle. Libraries had changed a lot, of course, but — just as I did — my kids quickly felt at home there. The children’s librarian came to know them, helped them select books, and, even better, encouraged them to also choose their own books. Libraries have played such an essential role in our family that I’m almost gobsmacked when I encounter families who don’t share my enthusiasm. Some say that the children’s rooms of libraries are an anachronism in a world of mobile screens with books on demand. But I say that while childhood has changed quite a bit, children have not.

Here are five good reasons to take your children to the library today:

1. Regular library visits inevitably lead to more reading.And reading, as it turns out, is brain food!

2. When you visit the library, you can expose your children to more books and magazines than you can afford to buy.

3.Your local children’s librarian can recommend books that you may not know of or think to suggest, broadening their tastes and expanding their minds and vocabularies.

4. Library time is active, not passive.

5. Owning a library card teaches kids responsibility.

So get your child a library card — and underscore its importance. Take a photo of the moment. Go out for ice cream to celebrate.

Even better, go home and open a book.

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