Parents Fund Drive

The Parents Fund Drive (PFD) is an integral part of the College’s Annual Fund. It is the annual fundraising effort from the parents of current College students. For more than forty years, Athens College parents have helped sustain the College experience for all students.  

Parents’ participation in this effort sets an example of solidarity and volunteerism for our children.

The PFD was established in 1978 by visionary Platon Mousaios ’30 (Hellenic-American Educational Foundation Foundation) and a group of active parents, with Solon Amarilio as its first President. 

Parents Make a Difference. 

Annual giving plays a crucial role in sustaining the College's renowned Scholarship Program ensuring financial aid to needy students. Last year alone, we were able to offer some form of financial assistance to more than 1.000 students (including Covid-19 relief), almost 25% of our student body, of which 30% represents gifts from private donors. 

The support and activities of the volunteer parents is coordinated by a representative body, the Central Committee of the PFD, which consists of up to 30 volunteer parents. The Committee's work is supported by dozens of volunteers each year. You can see PFD 2021-2022 Statute here (in el).

PFD Central Committee Presidency 2021-2022:
President: Lena Papaggelaki-Beraha
Vice-President: Lena Kostaridi-Machaira ’91γ
Secretary: Sophia Belba
Assistant Secretary: Athena Kalogirou-Papadopoulou

PFD Central Committee Members 2021-2022: The PFD Committee is comprised of up to 30 parents of current students.  Members are elected by active volunteers for a period ranging from one to three years. The Committee meets bi-monthly online or normally also on the School premises to design and implement activities in support of the Annual Fund. Soon the members' list 2021-2022 per school and school unit will be uploaded. 

Main actions in support of the Annual Fund:

  • Disseminate Annual Fund appeals
  • Communicate with the other parents via social networking (email, social media, calls, in person)
  • Organize special events, including the Christmas Bazaar, Elementary Schools Carnival Dance, concerts, theater plays and other cultural events in collaboration with cultural institutions or other organizations


Support the Parents Fund Drive

You can support the work of volunteer parents by: 

  • Joining them as a volunteer and/or Parents Class Ambassador in carrying out their work 
  • Making a gift to support the Annual Fund and/or to support the organization of the signature special events (Christmas Bazaar, Carnival Dance, other)
  • Participating in their activities as well as on/off campus special events they are organizing throughout the year
  • Spreading the word about the work that they do, sharing experiences and helping to encourage fellow College parents to join in supporting the School through giving time and resources
  • Supporting the organization of special events with monetary contributions or in-kind gifts that offset organizational costs or add value to their efforts

To learn more on how to get more involved with the Athens College Parents Fund Drive, you may contact the Development Office at +30 210 6798217 or email  [email protected].

Mission statement

The mission of the Athens College Parents Fund Drive is to foster community building among parents and with the School and other members of the Athens College community, including students, alumni, alumni parents, faculty and staff, friends; and to serve the mission of the School. The Parents Fund Drive supports the Annual Fund and the Financial Aid Program, helping make sure that no student misses out on the Athens College groundbreaking education and unique life experience for financial reasons.

Special events

Special events are functions or occasions which aim to generate funds for the Annual Fund.  They are organized by the Parents Fund Drive in collaboration and/or with the support of the Alumni Parents Fund Drive and the School, to financially support our students. Each year the College hosts two major special events on its campuses:


The Christmas Bazaar is the signature fundraising event, organized since 1981 during the first weekend of December. It constitutes the largest and most multidimensional School event, and the only one in which all of the seven school units participate. 

After two months of intensive preparations, parents and alumni parents who work unceasingly in the six workshops create numerous original, handmade items. Over 250 volunteers contribute their valuable time, hundreds of supporters assist in its organization, and the entire College family promotes volunteerism in a festive atmosphere that honors and enhances the vision of the College’s founders, benefactors and major donors. More than 4.000 visitors from within the School community as well as greater Athens, together with the significant support from businesses and members of the College family, generate significant revenues for the Financial Aid Program. 

The Elementary Schools Carnival Dance is organized by the Parents Fund Drive, with the support of both Elementary Schools, Athens College and Psychico College. The Dance brings together more than 1.000 elementary students in a one-day celebration full of fun and creative activities. It is supported by over 80 volunteers and counts numerous supporters, generating significant revenues for the Financial Aid Program.