Why we are part of the effort! The «voices» of our volunteer parents.

The Parents Fund Drive Presidency

"Being a volunteer of our School’s Parents Fund Drive is a very fulfilling experience for me: I am happy; I feel really good to help and make a difference by helping others; and it’s a lot of fun. Our volunteer work is a tangible contribution to making our School a Great Place to Learn, available to children that would otherwise not be able to attend. The inclusion of these kids is of high significance to them and their families as well as to the School, enriching its human capital. My family is proud of my participation. My children learn to appreciate the importance of social contribution and efforts to improve the world. All my Parents Fund Drive team members are wonderful and I feel honored to work and make long and lasting friendships with them."


Lena Papagelaki-Beraha

"As an alumna and a parent, I am part of something greater than myself. I am part of the Parents Fund Drive where I can make the difference and give back to my School the principles and values it has taught me while inspiring my children to be part of the change."

Lena Kostaridi-Machairas ’91γ

"The joy of giving without expecting anything back is the beauty of life. As Winston Churchill said: “You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.”

Athena Kalogirou-Papadopoulou

"Being a volunteer, member of the Parents Fund Drive, helps me become a better version of myself, discover new skills and most importantly show my children that apart from ‘I”’ there is also ‘we’ and we need to acknowledge that."

Christianna Gyra-Ziva
Dep. Secretary

Athens College & Psychico College Elementary School

"I am a member of the Parents Fund Drive, supporting the Scholarship Program for financial aid to students who cannot afford to go to Athens College, because I feel the need to support activities aimed to foster equal education and create a more dynamic and healthy student environment, through which the skills of each student will be further developed, while promoting the culture of giving but also strengthening the relations among parents."

Aspasia Galiatsatou-Polyzoidou
Elementary School & Parents Class Ambassadors Coordinator
Member, Athens College Elementary School

"I participate tο inspire Community Positive Behaviors, amongst the Parents and the student population of Athens College!"

Annie Maniati-Efstathiou
Member, Athens College Elementary School
Contact Person, Parents Class Ambassadors Athens College Elementary School & "John M. Carras" Kindergarten

"My sense of contribution and solidarity was the reason that led me to engage profoundly in volunteering and join the Athens College Parents Fund Drive creative team! As a parent I wish to contribute to our School's effort to support the Athens College community and foster a more promising environment for our children."

Afroditi Foteinou-Gatzoni
Member, Athens College Elementary School

"GREAT THINGS are done by a series of small things BROUGHT TOGETHER. We can't help Everyone, BUT... Everyone can help SOMEONE."

Costia Georgakopoulou-Kydoniati

Member, Psychico College Elementary School

"I strongly believe that all children should have equal opportunities in Life and in Education. Being a volunteer at the Parents Fund Drive, I am supporting the cause to help children with need, to continue their journey to knowledge."

Varvara Dimitropoulou-Vamvaka
Member, Psychico College Elementary School

"I am grateful to be a part of the Parents Fund Drive because I am able to help raise awareness and resources as well as be a positive role model to my children and community. Through this endeavor, many children who are otherwise unable to attend our School, are given this opportunity. For me there is no greater gift than the gift of education."

Kiki Kayaloglou-Stassinopoulou
Member, Psychico College Elementary School 

"I am pleased to be a part of this inspired and well-coordinated group and contribute with all my positive energy and power, in order to help strengthen the development of our students."

Anna Markopoulou-Andreou
Member, Psychico College Elementary School 

"Each and every one of us has the power to change the world around us. To make the world a better place. And the world will indeed become better if each and every one of us is guided by what Kazantzakis said "... I alone will save the world ...". The values, the ideals, the education offered by our School, create the citizens of the future. Those who will take care of us tomorrow: us, our country, our society, our environment.
If we can offer the Athens College experience to more children, to children who do not enjoy the same opportunities, then we are helping to make our world a better place."

Aikaterini Molfeta-Hatzieleftheriadou
Member & Parents Class Ambassadors Contact Person, Psychico College Elementary School

MANIA MOSCHOTI-EVRYGENI "Volunteerism is a way of life that embraces special values such as love, solidarity, social justice. It is exactly these values that the Athens College Parents Fund Drive exemplifies in order to support the Athens College’s Annual Fund. I am grateful to be part of this effort to ensure that all students are offered the opportunity to be part of the Athens College community."

Mania Moschoti-Evrygeni
Parents Class Ambassadors Coordinator
Member, Psychico College Elementary School

"Through volunteering, especially when related to children, you realize that you have the power to transform our world. You feel fulfilment and happiness. I feel a moral obligation to contribute to this very important mission of the School’s Parents Fund Drive in order to enable more children in need of financial assistance to join our School and enjoy this wonderful journey that my children also have the opportunity to enjoy. The Scholarship Program helps the School’s community and the wider society to bring out even more brilliant minds!!!"

Ifigeneia Petrakoglou-Doucas
Member, Psychico College Elementary School

"We open the path for more children to change the world."

Sofia Polychronea
Member, Psychico College Elementary School

It is my pleasure to participate and contribute to this great and dynamic community. 
My decision to join the Parents' Committee-Parents Fund Drive has vindicated me from the very first moment, as the contribution of our team is substantial with every initiative and action we take. 
As a parent, I am proud, because through our work we become an example for our children, showing in practice that «Solidarity is horizontal ;  it respects the other person and learns from the other» as Eduardo Galeano quoted. 

Christina Tetradi-Liaskou
Member, Psychico College Elementary School

Athens College & Psychico College Middle School

"I participate because I strongly believe in volunteering, in Athens College values, in the Parents Fund Drive mission and team. My professional background gives me the certainty that I can be helpful wherever needed."

Fany Petraki
Middle School Coordinator
Member & Parents Class Ambassadors Contact Person, Athens College Middle School

"I am participating in the Parents Fund Drive to help provide financial support to students in order for them to have access to the high-quality educational system of our School and, at the same, time to convey to my own children the feeling of solidarity."

Irene Iacovides-Aslanoglou ’96Δ
Member, Athens College Middle School

"The idea, the team, the love, the giving to something so important for the children of our School -our own children- are decisive for my participation in the Parents Fund Drive. The effort of all the children and parents volunteers, so that no one is excluded from their physical space, their school, is always moving. It has helped a large number of children and we want to continue to help even more."

Dimitra Mastori-Vrazopoulou
Member, Athens College Middle School

"In a demanding everyday life between family and work commitments my participation in the Parents Fund Drive gives me a sense of personal fulfillment. As an alumna, I feel that my contribution helps my School to continue its educational mission embracing more children despite their financial background. As a parent, I inspire my children to volunteer in any way they can because even a small contribution by many can make change. Finally, I am very happy to share this journey with active and powerful people, each with their own special abilities, and through this interaction I am able to learn new things and develop as a person."

Eri Tsironi-Kakoulidi ’92γ
Member, Athens College Middle School

"I was not lucky enough to be an Αthens College alumna. However, watching how much my daughters love it, makes me emotional and excited. Through my efforts may at least one more child have the same luck and opportunity! The Scholarship Program is a key element that differentiates our School from the rest. Let us support it in every way we can! After all, there is nothing better than, through acts of selflessness and empathy, becoming an example for our children to follow."

Kiki Tsourou-Psarraki
Member, Athens College Middle School

"I have been a member of the Parents Fund Drive in support of the Athens College Scholarship Program for six years. My interest and my drive to give as well as the joy I feel when the group goals are accomplished remain as intense throughout time. It is a companionship of people that care for the common good; a group that acts as an Ambassador of the value of Contribution and encourages Participation, Solidarity and Collaboration. This sense of sharing is what I cherish over the years, creating bonds and aiming to support as many children as possible through our School’s Scholarship Program. Every year there is a new perspective, new ideas and unity that develop, all elements that represent me as a person. Thank you."

Mirka-Rebecca Kresteniti-Angelides
Member, Psychico College Middle School

"A good education is one of the most important assets you can offer a child. I'm happy to be actively participating in this ongoing giving effort through the Parents Fund Drive; an admirable team, a pioneer in Greece in terms of its structure, the dedication of its members, and its work."

Victoria Maherianaki
Member & Parents Class Ambassadors Contact Person, Psychico College Elementary School

"Being a volunteer is actually one of the core values of the modern society. Linked with the true care about others, being a volunteer is not only about monetary giving. It is mainly about love, care, time and devotion. And this is even stronger when we talk about kids – kids chasing a premium education, kids chasing their life goals. And here comes the Fund Drive! Through the Fund Drive, we all have the opportunity to actively support these kids, while at the same time we act as role models for our kids. For tomorrow. For a better world."

Rebecca Pitsika
Member, Psychico College Elementary School

"When you give, you inspire, you become part of a great hug and the 'flame' you have is transferred to others around you!"

Marizan Sourea-Nikolakopoulou '90γ
Member, Psychico College Middle School

Athens College & Psychico College High School

"Collectively we provide more valuable support in fostering equal access to education. At the same time, we become an example of solidarity for our children."

Gina Smirni-Moraiti
High School Coordinator
Member Psychico College High School & Parents Class Ambassadors Contact Person Psychico College High School & IB2

"Through volunteering, the joy that you give returns somehow to you and this makes you feel complete."

Tonia Giannakopoulou-Spanou
Member, Athens College High School

"Giving and volunteering are essential values that are inherited by the students of our School from generation to generation. As an alumna and a student’s mother, I have the honor and the joy to be a part of this tradition."

Emmanouela Giotaki '90γ
Member, Athens College High School

"Nothing is more powerful than the Volunteer’s heart, said Jimmy Doolittle. Thus, the Parents Fund Drive is a timeless and valuable group in Athens College, because it is supported by Volunteers with great hearts!"  

Noni Vakontiou-Vakirtzi
Member, Psychico College High School

"The formation and mobilization of volunteer groups in a plethora of different fields, is, in my opinion, my most valuable trait. My activity, spanning many years, in the Parents Fund Drive has definitely defined me; it has given me joy and purpose: the joy of volunteering, of assembling with other parents, of supporting the Annual Fund and the opportunities given to more and more students to study in a singular and inclusive school, such as Athens College."

Sophia Belba
Member, Psychico College High School & Parents Class Ambassadors Contact Person IB1

"Being a member of the Parents Fund Drive is an act of love and support to our students and their families facing financial challenges; to our School and its unique Scholarship Program. After all, this is what families are all about."

Zoi Stavropoulou
Member, Psychico College High School