Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is an ongoing fundraising effort to secure funds in support of the School’s Scholarship Program for Financial Aid, an intrinsic part of the vision and mission of Athens College since its founding. Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted and they make an immediate difference in the lives of students and faculty, contribute to greater student body diversity and foster equal access to education.

The Annual Fund is supported by dedicated legions of volunteers and donors - alumni, parents, alumni parents, organizations and friends. College alumni, parents and alumni parents, members of the Fund Drives, work on a volunteer basis with the Development Office to build community and raise annual gifts to support the students and the School.

The Annual Fund opens on September 1 of each year and ends on August 31. As such, Annual Fund giving corresponds with the College’s fiscal year, not the calendar year. Gifts of all sizes are welcome to support this ongoing effort.


Collective participation is our strength.
Every gift is an act of optimism. 

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