Counseling Office Practices

1.  Operation and Management of Counseling Office Files on the Junior High School’s CMS Platform
In the last decade, the Counseling Office, in collaboration with the Junior High School’s IT technicians, has built a tab on the school’s Microsoft Content Management System (CMS) titled AC Junior High “e-Counseling Office”.  Pressing on the tab allows students and teachers to access useful information and materials from home.

2.  Development of Informative Materials
Publications and other informative material on a variety of issues (e.g. safe internet browsing, learning difficulties, adolescent nutrition, substance abuse, internet addiction, etc.) have been created for students, parents and teachers.  These materials are available either in printed form at the Counseling Office or can be easily accessed from home by going online and using the CMS and SoSimple platforms.

3. Welfare Officers: This program has been running since 2010 in collaboration with the Student Councils 
The Counseling Office, in collaboration with the 15-member and 5-member Student Councils, the Junior High School Administration, and teachers, organizes programs to raise awareness and prevent hazards.  The Welfare Officers Program is comprised of 25 Student Council members (one from each class section’s 5-member council and one from the Junior High’s 15-member council). These students, together with each section’s Teacher-Advisor, are trained in mediation by the Counseling Office.  They are also coached on how to initiate prevention programs and how to bring up topics (e.g smoking, alcohol abuse) and to motivate active discussions with their respective section’s peers.  Each Welfare Officer strengthens the basic mission of the Student Council by giving students a sense of democracy, representation and well-being within the School. The Program has received the Best Practice Award by the Adolescent Health Unit of the University of Athens, as well as a distinction in an Olympic Truce Center competition and recognition by the British Council.

4. 7th grade (A΄ Lyceum) Study Skills Workshops
In order to achieve self-awareness and improve study and organizational skills, the Counseling Office, in cooperation with the Administration and Teacher-Advisors, holds workshops in all 7th grade sections.  Students are supported in improving their study skills and in better organizing their Junior High School obligations.

5. Online Surveys in Cooperation with the Student Community
The Counseling Office, in  collaboration with the 15-member Student Council and the Welfare Officers, conducts short online surveys among students on topics such as school bullying, diversity, internet surfing, alcohol abuse, smoking, and adolescent nutrition. The results of these surveys are discussed in sections within the context of Social Life and also presented to the entire student body by the 15-member Council and Welfare Officers with the help of a guest expert.

6. Organization and Implementation of Seminars for Teachers
In cooperation with the Junior High School Administration, the Counseling Office organizes and conducts training seminars for the Faculty Association on special educational needs.  It also directs group interventions, in cooperation with Teacher-Advisors of the respective sections.

7. Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is available for students, parents, and teachers.  Parental guidance and counseling is implemented in cooperation with the Junior High School Secretariat in order to facilitate the issuance of learning disabilities certificates from public entities.

8. Organization and Implementation of Workshops for Parents
Workshops, which are livestreamed, are carried out in collaboration with the Junior High School Parents’ Association on topics related to adolescence, the role of parents, and controlling digital life.

9. Reception of Elementary School Pupils and Guided Tour of Junior High School
Elementary School 6th grade students visit the Psychico campus and are given a guided tour in order to become acquainted with A.C. Junior High School.   Questions about middle school, which sixth graders have posed to their teachers, are passed along to the A.C. Junior High School Student Community through the two Schools’ Administrations. Queries are processed and answered by Junior High School students on the day of the sixth graders’ visit.