The social and emotional health of our students is crucial for their proper development and active participation in school life.  The Psychoeducational Department supports children during their schooling years and prepares them for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Experienced psychologists, special educators, speech therapists and occupational therapists monitor students in all the school units and assess their learning and emotional needs. They provide counseling services to students, parents and teachers who request assistance, inasmuch as collaboration between all concerned is essential to address any issues that arise.

Our School’s Psychoeducational Department offers programs for Psychosocial Development and Hazards Prevention, New Student Arrivals, Health Education, Learning Disabilities Assessment and Support, Vocational Exploration and more. 

In cooperation with the School’s Administration, Parents’ Associations and Student Communities, we organize special seminars, lectures and events to educate students, teachers and parents on issues related to our students’ psychosocial development, learning and emotional skills, as well as broader mental health.