Counseling and Vocational Guidance Office Practices

The Counseling and Vocational Guidance Office of Athens College High School aims to  provide services to students, parents, and students to ensure the best climate possible for each student individually and for the school community as a whole.  We believe that connection and acceptance are key elements for the healthy development of an adolescent and, as such, work within this context with our students, their parents, and our teachers. 

Welcoming Students
Each September we introduce ourselves to newly admitted students, as well as those transitioning from Junior High School 9th grade, to acquaint them with the role of the Counseling and Vocational Guidance Office.

Student Counseling
Taking into account each student’s distinctive character, we aim to facilitate  his/her smooth adaptation to High School, as well as his/her academic, personal, and interpersonal  development.  We support our students individually in matters related to emotion management, as well as study skills organization.  We also work directly with external mental health professionals in cases where they monitor and support students.

Parent Counseling
In order to better support our students, we also provide counseling services to their parents in order to help them understand the psychosocial development of their children.   

Support for Students with Learning Difficulties
We monitor and support students with learning difficulties.

Collaboration with Teachers
In order for our students to reach their maximum potential, we work with teachers throughout the year.

Vocational Orientation & Guidance
We administer the “ARISTON” vocational orientation test to all 10th grade (Α΄ Lyceum) students and then conduct individual sessions with each of them.  The purpose of these sessions is to thoroughly examine students’ personal and professional profiles, explore self-image, and provide them with assistance in choosing their area of concentration with a view to planning for future goals. We also schedule sessions with parents if they wish to discuss the test results.

Summer Internship Program
Within the context of planning future goals and choosing a field of study, our students are afforded an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about the field they hope to pursue by being hosted in a workplace of interest to them.

Lectures – Workshops – Seminars for Parents
We organize lectures, webinars and workshops for our students’ parents and teachers to provide them with specific information on various topics, depending on their needs.

Activities with the Student Community
We carry out psychoeducational programs in accordance with their prevailing needs (i.e. emotion management, stress management, interpersonal relationships, social skills, grief management, bullying, digital citizenship, etc.).

Crisis Management
We support our students and the entire school community in times of sudden and critical events/changes (death, natural disasters such as the fire in Mati, COVID-19, etc.).

We believe in “lifelong learning” and, as such, we constantly monitor current developments by participating in seminars, workshops and conferences.


During the Social Life slot, students watch videos we created especially for the quarantine period, and discuss with their teachers.

 You can watch the videos here (in Greek):

Διαχείριση Καθημερινότητας την Εποχή της Πανδημίας

H Σημασία της Προσπάθειας και των Προκλήσεων στον Δρόμο προς την Επιτυχία

Διαχείριση Άγχους

Η Φιλία στην Περίοδο της Εφηβείας