Psychico College High School MYP Personal Project Exhibition

May 21, 2024
This year's MYP Personal Project Exhibition at Psychico College High School was a great success, where students of High School 1 (MYP Year 5) presented their excellent projects. This event was the culmination of the students' dedication and engagement with the research process throughout the year.

Parents attending the exhibition area had the opportunity to see their children's original work up close and recognize the efforts and skills they have developed. Our students presented the outcome of their work, which covered a wide range of topics and subjects, demonstrating their creativity, critical thinking, and ability to research and solve problems.

The MYP Personal Project is an important pillar of our Program, offering students the opportunity to explore their interests in depth and develop the necessary skills for their future careers, both academically and personally.

We thank all those who contributed to the success of this event and congratulate our students for their dedication and responsibility. We look forward to the next innovative ideas that will emerge through the Personal Project.