Student successes in the Deree Invitational LXVI debate tournament

May 9, 2024

The final debate tournament in Greece for this school year, the Deree Invitational LXVII, took place on April 26-27, 2024 at Pierce College. Over 80 secondary school students took part in the two-day competition. Our School was represented by 28 speakers, with great success!

Congratulations to all our students, and especially to the following students on their great achievements on a team and on an individual level.


Winning Team: Leonidas Marinopoulos (ΙΒ2) and Maximus Papaioannides (ΙΒ2)

Grand Finalists: Eleana Dalakoura (IB1) and Artemis Papastavrou (IB1) 

Semi Finalists: 

  • Maria Petrolia (AC, HS1) and Stavros Yannidis (PC, HS1)
  • George Parthenis (PC, HS2) -composite team with a student from Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi

Novice Winning Team: Apostolos Vassilikos (AC HS1) and Milena Efthimiou (AC HS1)

Novice Finalists

  • Spyros Roupas (AC JH3) and Konstantinos Tsirikos (PC JH3)
  • Elena Dikaiou-Evangelatou (PC JH3) - composite team with a student from Pierce College


Best Speaker Award: Artemis Papastavrou

Top 10 Speakers: Leo Marinopoulos (2nd), Max Papaioannides (3rd), Eleana Dalakoura (4th), Danae Tatsopoulou (10th, AC HS1) 

Novice Best Speaker Award: Apostolos Vassilikos 

Top 10 Novice Speakers: Elena Dikaiou-Evangelatou and Milena Efthimiou (tied in 3rd place), Iris Divari (AC JH3) and Spyros Roupas-Pantaleon (tied in 7th place).

Congratulations to our students on their outstanding successes in the final in-person debate tournament of the year!